Autumn is almost gone, so winter will be here in a bit and there is no better time to learn more about layering than during this season, so that you can be both stylish and warm. Many gentlemen make the mistake of only wearing a sweater and a coat even during the chilly days and they always wonder why they are freezing or they catch a cold (and you wouldn’t want that to happen, especially during these times!). The issue is that they are not familiar with layering- a method of dressing using many garments that are worn on top of each other. If you, just like them, are unsure where to start when talking about this way of dressing, here are a few layering styles that you should consider even if you are a novice.  

Shirt-sweater combo

To begin, while discussing layering, it’s impossible not to mention the traditional shirt-and-sweater combo. Although we can’t help but think of school years and rigid uniforms when we think of this combination, it can really be worn in a variety of situations, both official and informal. If you want to go for a more professional look, match a classic white shirt with a black or navy sweater, but if you want to wear a more casual, relaxed attire pair more colorful items, such as a red sweater with a beige shirt, and you’ll create a lively and vibrant outfit. This combination looks fantastic on its own throughout the warmer months, but if you need some extra warmth when the weather turns cooler, layer it with a blazer, jacket, or coat, depending on the temperature and the style you’re aiming for.

Including the vest

The vest, often referred to as a sleeveless sweater, is another iconic and trendy layering piece. Although ageless, this garment has gained in popularity in recent years as it has become a stylish element for both men and women, and many people have begun to use it for casual ensembles, refuting the myth that it can only be worn by men as part of uniform or formal clothing. The wonderful thing about vests is that they can brighten up your outfit by adding color, texture, and intriguing features.  Wearing a white button-up shirt and a black sleeveless sweater, for example, is always a safe bet, especially for the work environment, but your outfit can become much more interesting if you wear an Irish sleeveless sweater from Tara Irish knitwear collection instead of a regular one, which will have Celtic motifs and patterns and will make your outfit ten times more noticeable. 

Sweater styles combination

Speaking of interesting outfits, another interesting idea of layering clothes would be to wear two sweaters at the same time. It can appear confusing at first, but it is actually a really creative and original outfit idea that anyone can pull off. Wearing a thin turtleneck underneath a thick crewneck or V-neck sweater is the perfect combo, as it not only looks put-together but also protects your neck from the strong winds and cold. You can also wear the turtleneck with a vest or a zipped sweater, depending whether you want to go for a more professional or sporty look.  It is also important to take into consideration the colors and the textures of the sweaters, as it is preferable to wear neutral or complementary colors, as well as to wear the thinner layers underneath and the bulkier ones above and never the other way around.