Preparing for surgery can be overwhelming, whether you had done it before or not. As a patient, you will receive a lot of information about your health. And, it is your responsibility to take note of all of that. Do not worry. Whichever surgeon you went to will take good care of you. They will explain and assist you through the whole procedure. All you need to do is prepare yourself. That way, you would be able to get the most out of your colorectal surgeon appointment in Singapore.

Here are some of the things you must remember.

Before Surgery

  • You have to get yourself checked. That way, the doctor can determine what ailment you may have and discuss which treatment suits you the most.
  • If all other treatment did not work, your last option to get well is to undergo surgery. When that happens, you have to bring your medical history and attend your pre-operative visit.
  • By then, you would meet your colorectal surgeon in Singapore, if your condition is related to your hernia. At that moment, both of you will discuss the success rate of the procedure. They will also tell you to get a few tests.
  • Sometimes, they would ask you to stop or change the medication you are taking.

A Couple of Days Before the Scheduled Surgery

  • You will receive a phone call from a nurse, reminding you about your scheduled surgery and medication. So, remember to bring your mobile phones with you. That way, you can answer whenever someone calls.
  • Once you receive a call, you have to prepare your things. Pack some clothes and let your family members go with you on the day itself.
  • They will advise you to stop your medication before surgery.

A Day Before the Scheduled Surgery

  • You may have to drink an antibiotic as part of the bowel preparation. You must have to do it once you wake up in the morning.
  • Take a shower since you might not be able to do it the next morning.

On the Day of the Scheduled Surgery

  • Take medication as instructed by your colorectal surgeon in Singapore. However, if they did not tell you anything, you might need to fast yourself. So, make sure to ask your doctor on this one.

After the Surgery 

  • Sometimes, you might need to stay at the hospital for a while, at least for two to three days. Doing so would help your body to recover from trauma and adapt to its new state.
  • However, if your doctor allows you to go home, make sure you have plenty of rest. You will need it, so you recover quickly.

When Can You Go Back to Your Usual Routine?

  • After you leave the hospital, you have to wait for six to twelve weeks before you could go back to your daily activities. If you cannot wait, longer than that, remember not to push yourself too hard. Otherwise, you might need to undergo surgery again.

Discomfort & Relieve

  • After getting surgery from a colorectal surgeon in Singapore, you no longer have to put up with pain. However, you would feel a bit of discomfort, though that is normal since the stitches are still fresh. If you cannot take it, your doctor might recommend you to take some painkillers. It would help to numb the treated area. When that happens, you will be able to rest well.

Recovery Process

  • Even though your doctor allowed you to go home, your wound may not have completely healed. If it still has a dressing, you have to have a nurse to replace it from time to time. But in case you cannot leave your home, your doctor might visit you.
  • At this moment, you would feel a tingling sensation around the treated area. If it feels itchy, then that is good. It means your wound is about to heal.
  • Once the would is no longer itchy, the nurse might have to remove the stitches or staples.

What Diet to Eat?

  • After your surgery, you are only allowed to eat soft food. Those are porridge and soup.
  • As you gradually recover, you can resume eating your usual diet. However, if your doctor recommends you consume a particular diet, follow what they say. It would help you get better.

When Can You Take Your Bowels?

It is normal not to experience this for a few days after the procedure. However, if it bothers you, let your doctor know about it. That way, they can recommend some prescriptions to help you bowel. Nevertheless, they will tell you that your bowel movements will return after three to twelve months.

Can you take a bath or shower?

Sure you can, but as long as your wound is healing well. Also, you have to keep your bath short and pat your wound dry. However, if the treated area still has a dressing, you have to ask your doctor what you need to do since it depends on your condition.

Can You Work Out?

You can, but you can only do light exercise like taking a short walk. For other physical activities, you have to wait for a few weeks. Perhaps, at least a month or two.

Do you still have more questions? 

Let Dr QM Leong know what you have in mind. He is a colorectal surgeon in Singapore that can attend to your needs and help you relieve your discomfort. However, if you have specific concerns about your conditions, kindly write them down and contact them at 62561737.