As someone opening a restaurant, promoting your dishes is not the only thing you must do. You also have to watch over your finances since startup cost could add up quickly to your expenses. That is very much true. Why do you ask? You see, besides leasing commercial space and getting a permit approval, you also have to buy kitchen equipment in Singapore. Otherwise, how would you serve your customers with tasty dishes if your staff are not ready?

For sure, as the restaurant owner, you would not want that to happen. What you want is to make sure that your customers would love your menu. To support your restaurant to the point, they would come back the next day to eat again. For that reason, you must equip your staff. That way, they would be able to work well.

However, Which Kitchen Equipment You Must Have in Your Restaurant?

Well, of course, that depends on one what kind of cuisine you are planning to serve. Does your restaurant do fine dining? Or fast-casual? Whatever it is, there is a variety ofkitchen equipment that overlaps in every restaurant. Listed below are the machines that you might need,

  1. Cooking
  • Range

This kitchen equipment is a must in Singapore. Not only does it have four-burner stoves, but it also has an oven underneath. With that, your chefs would be able to cook two to three dishes at once. As a result, your restaurant would be able to meet your customers’ orders much quicker.

  • Commercial Oven

Even though a range already has an oven, having one is not enough to bake and roast at the same time. For that reason, you would need to get this kitchen equipment. That way, you would be able to cook more dishes such as pizza.

  • Deep Fryer

As much as we love Hainanese chicken rice, we are also crazy about eating fritters like fries, fried chicken, etc. So, make sure not to forget to get a deep fryer for your kitchen. That would save you from frying some quick bites.

  • Griddle

In any case, you would want your dishes to have an evenly cooked texture, then buy this kitchen equipment. Not only it cooks evenly, but quickly, too! With that, your customers would not need to wait much longer for their order to arrive at their table.

  • Char-Grills

On the other hand, if you love to serve grilled foods like barbeques, then make sure to get this one. It would make any meat so juicy and tender, and have a subtle taste of char at the end.

  • Steamer

If you have plans to serve a cup of espresso or cappuccino, having this would save you a lot of time from brewing coffee beans. Plus, it extracts more flavour and makes any coffee taste better. The Brew Therapy has some coffee makers available for sale for all your coffee brewing needs. Otherwise, they have a variety of wholesale cafe supplies in Singapore as well which you can buy for your coffee brewing in your cafe. 

  • Salamander

Thiskitchen equipment is not an animal even though it sounds like one. Well, kidding aside, this machine is also known as an overhead broiler. It could help your cooks crisp up any dish and melt any cheese for any toasted sandwich.

  1. Food Preparation
  • Food Processor

Chopping, shredding, and grating ingredients does take a lot of time. So, instead of doing it manually, finish your task with a food processor. With that, you can chop, shred, and grate any ingredients right away. You would not need to wait for long when you run out of prepared ones.

  • Blender

If your dishes need some dipping sauce like marinara, then this kitchen equipment will be such a help for you. With this, you can quickly blend and liquefy all ingredients and heat it on the pot.

  • Mixer

This one is one of the bakery equipment in Singapore that you direly need in your kitchen. You see, not it would knead dough and whip eggs, but having this would save your arms and shoulder from mixing all the dry and liquid ingredients.

  • Mandoline Slicer

While food processors could chop, shred, and grate, this kitchen equipment can cut and slice any ingredient into thin ones. With this, you can make chips at any time you want. Besides, you could set it in either manual or automatic mode.

  1. Beverages and Refreshments
  • Coffee Maker

If you have plans to serve a cup of espresso or cappuccino, having this would save you a lot of time from brewing coffee beans. Plus, it extracts more flavour and makes any coffee taste better.

  • Slush Machine

Since Singapore is a very humid place, many customers would love to order cold drinks. For that reason, you need this machine to serve your customer some slushies.

  1. Freezers and Refrigerators

Well, of course, to keep all your ingredients always fresh, you would need to store them in this equipment. That way, your meat and fishes would remain fresh even for days.

  1. Safety Equipment

Besides your ingredients, you also need to keep your staff safe. So, let them wear the right uniform, and have first aid kits, rubber floor mats, and fire extinguishers around the kitchen.

  1. Servingware

Any restaurant needs these to make their dishes a lot more presentable and savoury.  So, be sure to get the following serving ware;

  • Plates, bowls, and platters.
  • Mug, wine glass, and beer glass.
  • Forks, spoons, and knives.
  • Napkins and tablecloths.

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