There is no debate that every parent gives significant importance to their child’s education. As a parent yourself, you know that education can give your child the all-around development of self-reliance that they need to face when dealing with problems in the future. In a sense, choosing which school they get their education is an impactful factor that can dictate their success when they grow up. Hence, the process of finding the best one may take you a long time to discover. There should be no shortcut because their future depends on it, and as a parent, you should not compromise the decision either. With IB schools in Singapore, you can expect that the needed exposure and awareness of the world will be taught to them. It is the reason why plenty of parents recommend IB education to other parents as well!

If you want to explore this option further, let this article serve as your guide in finalising your decision! Here, you will know what makes an IB school a great investment for your child’s future.

What is an IB school?

IB in IB schools stands for International Baccalaureate. It is a world-recognised nonprofit education programme that is founded to provide all students with the chance to receive a quality education that matches the globalising world. They have a continuum of international education in the means of four programmes, specifically for students aged 3 to 19 years old!

To specify those programmes, they are:

  • Primary years programme (PYP)

Children aged 3 to 12 are encouraged to take this to prepare for the lifelong journey of learning!

  • Middle years programme (MYP)

With a more challenging framework, MYP is catered to children aged 11 to 16 so they can participate in honing their interests and academic abilities.

  • Diploma Programme (DP)

Further development of a child’s breadth of knowledge is promoted in this programme. DP is for students aged 16 to 19, the perfect age when they can flourish physically and intellectually!

  • Career-related Programme (CP)

A fairly new framework, CP is intended to help students in addressing their needs of qualification for their desired career. It will further lead them to employment, which students aged 16 to 19 get into.

Why are IB Schools Worth the Investment?

More than giving your child excellence in education, choosing an IB international school in Singapore will give your child the learning environment that cultivates values. To elaborate on what we mean by this, here are some particular reasons why you should choose to enrol your child in these schools:

  1. Exposure to global culture

The teaching approaches of IB international schools are interdisciplinary, meaning it promotes the understanding of themes and ideas across various disciplines and its relationship to the world. In this way, students will grow to become individuals with a global mindset that is set to focus on community relationships! It is also made possible by the curriculum’s encouragement to interact with students with different cultures and backgrounds with each other in a classroom setting.

  1. University preparation

Universities across the globe recognise students who received an education following the curriculum of International Baccalaureate in Singapore. Being an internationally-renowned curriculum, admissions from these universities would place your child at an advantage because they know that they have the skills and qualities that make them a smart student who would someday make contributions to the name of the university. 

  1. Foundation for a bright future

With a progressive independent mindset and a diploma from a prestigious university, your child would be receiving job offers left and right! If they choose to pursue even higher education, it would not be a problem. Trust that you will have the peace of mind of retirement because you will no longer be financially supporting them. Hence, it is better that you start with IB education since you will already expose them to the knowledge that the globalising world demands!

  1. Personal development

Last but not least, academic excellence is not the only thing that an IB school can boast. Not only that your child will grow as a student, but they will grow as a compassionate human being as well. With IB education’s goal to create a more peaceful environment for future generations, they start by mimicking that environment in their institutions. Thus, creating more socially aware students who would see that, beyond the four walls of the classroom, there are meaningful changes must be made, and your child can be one of the first persons who can initiate them.

  1. Leaders of tomorrow

They say that chance favours those who are prepared. If you agree with that, there is no better place to prepare them for the chances of the future in an IB international school. With their approach of individualised attention, your child’s teachers would allow them to thrive intellectually and improve their experiences outside the classroom. Their understanding of cultural differences would deepen that when they go outside the country, it would be easy for them to connect with others. Being intellectually and emotionally prepared, you can expect that chances to be a leader of tomorrow will indeed be in their favour!

Hillside World Academy as Your Choice

Young people are the future of the world, and they are your child! When you put value in their education, you can trust that they will become caring and principled leaders or members of their community. Hillside World Academy is an IB International School in Singapore that can equip your child with the knowledge and skills to live a meaningful and compassionate life! Let them be one of the leaders of tomorrow by investing in an IB school like HWA.

If you want to know more information about their IB programmes and application process, you can read about it on their website!