Is it your first time to purchase durianonline? Well, congratulations on your initial orders as you can now have a taste of this delectable fruit without leaving your comforts! You can eat them straight ahead, right after your heavy meal from home. But wouldn’t it be great if you get to elevate your usual after-meal snack into something mouthwatering?

Well, you can start asking your family if they can share with you some homegrown recipes using your simple treat. Note of their kitchen tips on how you can level up your online durian orders into something you can look forward to in the holidays. Besides, it is something that they can also look forward to on their next visit to your home.

Moreover, call your friends who may have served you with several cuisines using this creamy fruit. If they can share with you their cooking style, then it would be easy for you. But if they choose to keep it within themselves, then it is for you to explore it alone. Hence, use the following guide on how you can excite your palette more with your online durian orders:

Freeze it!

Begin with the most basic way on how you can heighten its flavour and your experience – by freezing it. But always remember that you only need to freeze its seeds and not the whole fruit. Some shops can dehusk it for you and bring its flesh straight to your doorsteps. You only need to find an online durianshop that offers delivery services for your convenience.

Aside from having a cold treat, frozen durian is also sweeter compared with those that you buy from local market stalls. They may be both fresh but leaving it inside the freezer for several hours will change its texture and lessen its dampness. Thus, increasing its sweetness and fruitiness naturally!

Bonus Tip: Some online durian shops freeze their products to weaken its pungent odour. It might be favourable for you if you are not into its strong and foul smell. Nonetheless, you must check with your suppliers if it’s recently harvested and avoid getting those that have been in their freezer for weeks already.

Blend it!

On the other hand, you can make the most of the fruit’s rich flavour and mix it with other ingredients to create your next refreshing drink from home. You can blend a serving of durian flesh and milk in the blender to make a delightful smoothie. Add some crushed ice into it to have a cold and sweet beverage perfect for the hot Singapore weather.

But if you want to be wide-awake and full at the same time, then you can try mixing this creamy fruit with coffee. Blend its flesh with black coffee to create your revitalizing drink. You no longer need to add some milk or sugar as it’s already creamy and sweet in the first place.

Bonus Tip: Find a shop that sells durian at an affordable pricefor your trial-and-error concoctions. Get to try your creations first before you serve them to your visitors. Thus, you must have enough ingredients as you find the perfect taste for your home blends.

Boil it!

As soon as you’re okay with the refreshments, you can now work on your main dishes and create your specialities using your online durian orders. Start with the easiest one, and that is the soup. Add servings of its flesh on your boiling stock or curry to make it tastier and sweeter. It also makes the broth richer perfect for your heavy meals at home.

Moreover, create a dessert from your durian delivery orders that will complete your home gathering hosting. Try mixing it with rice and coconut milk to make a delicious treat. Its custardy taste will complement the creamy texture of your soupy rice base that your guests will enjoy.

Bonus Tip: Do not forget about its flesh as it is something that your visitors can munch on in your soup and creamy dessert. You only need to ensure that they are high-quality and fresh. Never settle with durians at low prices if it will only spoil your dinner with family or friends.

Grill it!

Another way to excite your guest is through grilling it. Is it your first time to hear about this extraordinary cuisine? Then it is a must for you to try as it will arouse and stimulate your taste buds into trying grilled durian again after consuming one.

It may intimidate you at first, but it’s one of the simplest dishes you can try with this creamy treat. You only need to broil its seeds on a grill and wait for it to be crisp before serving it on your table. It must be crunchy enough that when you bite into it, its flesh naturally melts in your mouth.

Bonus Tip: Find online shops that sell durian seeds in Singapore to complete your grilling experience. It would be great if they can remove them for you and separate the flesh for your convenience. Again, they should be freshly picked and harvested to ensure its freshness.

Spread it!

But if you only want a simple yet delectable afternoon treat you can easily prepare, then you can create a homemade spread using your online durian orders. Prepare a pan where you can mix both its flesh and milk. Place it over low heat and stir it continuously until it turns into a puree. Let it cool down before spreading it into your bread.

Bonus Tip: Buy from reputable shops like Durian Factory to ensure the freshness of your spread and other exciting durian dishes. Furthermore, they can readily bring your orders straight to your doorsteps through their delivery partners at affordable prices. Check their online site now to know how you can place your orders today.