Import business – no matter how profitable – isn’t an easy one. And the real problem is getting your goods cleared at customs. The Canadian customs laws for imported goods are extremely overwhelming for a common person. In fact, the technicalities are such that even import brokers, many at times, can actually end up in soup. Which is why it isn’t just any import broker you need, it’s experienced brokers at firms like Clearit Canada that you need. This holds most relevance when you’re importing goods like cars and also when you’re a non-resident importer.

So, this guide is ideal for you if you want to import a car to Canada easily, without having to deal with stress at all. 

Let’s get started 

  1. ITN Generation Services 

ITN (internal transaction number) is the one thing that you cannot miss out on when importing a car in Canada. This is the proof of ownership; hence, the only way to ensure that the shipment is a legal one. If your cargo leaves the country it’s purchased from without one, it will be ceased at customs and getting it cleared becomes a nuisance. Which is why Clearit offers ITN generation at just 125 dollars. 

In fact, all their services are provided at low rates so that they can be easily afforded. 

  1. Documentation and Filing Services

The broker that’ll be assigned to deal with your package (whether it’s an air cargo, a sea cargo, or it’s arriving by road) files for clearance at customs once they have all the documents. 

They’ll first review all the documents that you’ll provide and communicate if there’s anything missing. Then, the filing is done electronically for better communication and easy clearance. 

  1. Agent on Site

This is one rare services that not all customs clearance firms will offer. But, Clearit does offer this service. They send an agent to the site when clearance at customs is taking place. This is basically done so that:

  • The package can be checked for any damage. 
  • The package can be checked for missing item(s), if any. 

Besides, the presence of an agent for truck shipments is very necessary since they can submit the PARS notice in advance so that your truck is cleared as soon as it arrives at the border. 

Last, but not the least, one of the most wonderful advantages of letting Clearit handle the entire car import process is that provide all their collective services at just 389.99 dollars. 

All in all, they’re the best people to get your cars cleared at customs without delay.