Long ago, vietnames babes tended to be bossy because the entire family was in their charge. These little creatures planted and reaped the grain, looked after the livestock and their children at the same time. They worked as strong and productive men, and thus earned the right to use their men’s words, argue with them, and even act completely independently. However, these traits gradually disappeared in the majority of the modern female population. Today they are gentle and weak, although they still know their own worth very well.

All san fat

Of course, Vietnamese cuisine cannot be called low-calorie cuisine. Most of the dishes that are eaten are fried and quite high in calories. Despite this fact, most of the women in Vietnam are not overweight. You wonder how this can be? Most Vietnamese women exercise a lot, run in the morning and pay close attention to what they eat. It is almost impossible for them to prepare tasty Vietnamese dishes without adding fat, but they still manage to control the portion of this or that product. In general, women who live in rural areas are a little plumper. However, modern city women are very ambitious and rather thin.

Vietnamese women don’t want to emigrate

This myth is possibly the most popular of all the previous ones. Vietnam is a country where the population is very patriotic (especially after the revolution). Unfortunately, this aspect does not apply when we talk about women who want to leave their home. The political and economic situation in Vietnam gives hope for improvement. Also, men are less stable here than in the Western world. Therefore, Vietnamese women are quite ready to leave their country at the first serious call. It doesn’t matter if it’s related to work, love or your vacation.

Why Vietnamese Women Prefer Western Men

Western and beautiful vietnamese girls are very different. That is why Vietnamese women increasingly like men of other nationalities. But what are the exact reasons? We will explain this in more detail.

Real men

It is no secret that Western men are more serious and responsible than Vietnamese. Masculinity, strength and attractiveness are also important, but what matters here is reliability. A woman should always be able to count on your help. For example, her car broke down and no one can pick her up from the road; panic and think there is no way out. A western man would leave everything behind and save herwhereas an ordinary Vietnamese would only call the towing service.

Earn more money

Please don’t misjudge the women here. As we mentioned earlier, Vietnamese women are not looking for bags of money, they are looking for a partner who earns enough to live a normal life together. The average salary of a man in Vietnam is less than $ 200. Can you imagine that? Furthermore, on average, men do nothing to earn something else. It’s no wonder the women here wear simple but high-quality clothing and pay great attention to a well-groomed appearance to preserve beauty for the right man.