Why You Should Be Hiring a Confinement Nanny

Many still believe that hiring a confinement nanny is a pricey option. However, you can receive many intangible benefits if you think about it. It is not easy to give birth. So, it is crucial to have someone that can help you look after you and your child as you recuperate.

Hiring a confinement nanny is having a trusted and trained professional to care for your child and you. You get someone that works for your best interest when you hire a confinement nanny, especially with the busy Singapore lifestyle.

Many families say they cherish the bond they have with their nanny. That is even after they have long left their service. Because of the flexibility and control of hiring a nanny and the services they give, parents around Singapore opt to get them.

There are plenty of pros and cons when it comes to hiring anyone from outside your circle. However, the benefits should outweigh all of the doubts that you could be having. Read on for more information.

What You Can and Cannot Do in Confinement

There are a few things that doctors tell people that just gave birth. One of those is a list of things you should do and should avoid doing. It is a list of rules designed to encourage recovery and protects the mother and baby from discomfort. New mothers are expected to abide by the following rules as they recuperate.


  • Get adequate amounts of sleep.
  • Drink plenty of vitamins and minerals. There are also herbal remedies that are proven effective.
  • Do move around a little and do some light exercises to promote well-being and rebuild your strength.


  • Showering is prohibited.
  • You cannot use air conditioning.
  • Strenuous exercises are prohibited.
  • You also cannot do house chores.
  • You cannot step foot out of the house.
  • Spicy, salty, raw food and leftovers are not advisable.
  • Sexual intercourse is also not advisable.

The Duties of a Confinement Nanny

There is a wealth of information that comes with hiring a nanny. They have the experience and qualifications that lets them provide excellent care for you and your child. Many nannies employed by a confinement agency in Singapore have collected a wealth of experience over the years. It can either be from working for other families or other health industries. It gives them an advantage when it comes to looking after your family.

Here is a list of the duties that a confinement nanny fulfils.

  • Ensures the safety of your child at all times, focusing on 1:1 care unlike those that you get from nursery settings.
  • They can also take nursery-related duties like taking care of your child’s clothes, tidying your child’s area, and preparing meals. Special meals are to be provided for nourishment and to facilitate the production of breast milk.
  • Ensures that you and your child can have rest and recuperation.
  • They protect you and your child from common ailments associated with post-delivery.
  • Liaise with you to ensure you have common goals.

Benefitting From A Confinement Nanny

You and your child can get benefits from hiring a confinement nanny from a Singapore confinement service. They give private, sole-focused care for your child. You can find a confinement nanny that offers services only on fixed hours, and some will stay in your Singapore home. No matter what kind of service you get, here are some of the benefits you can expect.

Individual Attention

You can have someone that can focus solely on you and your child’s needs. As a new mother, you need time to recuperate. It is not easy to carry a baby for nine months and give birth to that said child. You get to focus on your health and be able to rest while the nanny helps you look after the child and after you.


Giving birth to a child does not mean responsibilities stop. More things get added to your plate after childbirth. Hiring a confinement nanny can lighten your responsibilities a little. Most nannies you can hire from any confinement agency in Singapore also offer to do light housework, like cooking meals, laundry, food supply runs and many other things. They can also help you look after errands concerning you and the baby.


If you don’t want 24-hour care while you recuperate, you can still hire a nanny to help you at certain times of the day. Some parents prefer to have extra hands only when they need them, especially at night. You don’t have to worry. There are plenty of confinement nannies that work for a fixed number of hours per day.

Consistent Professional Care

This aspect has the same principle as getting individual attention. You get to have a professional to look after you and your child. There are things that you are not supposed to do while you are in confinement. The nanny knows things that you may not know. They can also give you advice for every stage of your child’s growth.

Fewer Opportunities to be Exposed to Germs and Bacterias

This aspect is especially true for confinement nannies. Your child has not developed the necessary defences they need to survive outside the womb. You also have almost zero defences against the same variables. Having a stay-at-home confinement nurse will lessen the probability of exposing you and your baby to harmful germs and bacterias.

Hire A Confinement Nanny Now!

No matter what kind of confinement you hire, you will get heaps of benefits. There are a few agencies around Singapore where you can hire a confinement nanny. Super Nanny Services will help you hire the best confinement nanny around Singapore. Call them now to inquire about all the services they offer.