People play sports due to various reasons. Staying active through these exercises keeps the body in top shape, letting you have well-toned muscles and just the right amount of body fat. These activities also serve as an engaging pastime or a hobby. But despite the numerous benefits associated with athletics, they are also known to cause harm that requires immediate attention and care from a sports injury clinic in Singapore.

As most individuals know, athletes and players are prone to sustain sports injuries. According to a 2018 study by medical researchers, almost every Singapore sports medicine centre noticed that their patients are 5 to 24 years old, with 61% of them being males. The most common source of athletics-related harm is falling, which often results in strains, sprains, and fractures. Almost all sports activities cause injuries, but running, strength training, and basketball are the prevailing culprits responsible for trauma.

No matter which activity caused your injury, you should still head to the doctor’s office to have yourself screened by a professional. A medical check up in Singapore can let you understand what exactly happened with your body when you sustained your cramp, wound, or fracture. You can also receive an appropriate treatment plan that targets the concerned area. Rest, ice, compression, elevation, or the RICE method, can only do so much—especially if you suffer from a severe and urgent injury.

But visiting a sports injury clinic in Singapore is not a walk in the park. Like other trips to medical centres, talking to a specialist can be nerve-wracking due to the anticipation of your diagnosis or the execution of specific tests and treatments. To help you ease your worries about your checkup, here are ten things you need to prepare for when dropping by the office of a sports doctor:


Wear Comfortable Clothing

Before you leave home for your medical check up in Singapore, make sure to choose your most comfortable set of clothes. Wearing jeans, one-piece outfits, and ill-fitting pieces will make your healthcare professional have a hard time inspecting your concern. However, do not change your clothes if the injury happened in the middle of a game or a practice. Your condition may worsen if you step in and out of different outfits.


Arrive Earlier Than Your Schedule

Doctors now prefer setting appointments with their patients rather than accommodating walk-in cases—unless they are dealing with emergencies. Even though you have a scheduled screening, try to arrive at your chosen Singapore sports medicine centre fifteen to thirty minutes before your checkup. Getting there sooner than expected will accommodate necessary procedures and unforeseen circumstances. Before the screening, a receptionist will need to inspect your papers, and a nurse will check your vital signs, which are all part of the process.


Share Your Symptoms

Upon entering the office of your preferred doctor, they will ask you to share how you feel. Be as candid as you can when telling them about your symptoms, even if you are unsure whether they are related to your current condition. Only a proper medical check up and interview in Singapore can tell if you are experiencing one or more health concerns.


Express Your Pain Level

Informing your doctor about how mild or intense the pain you feel will let them know the severity of your condition and the urgency of your treatment administration. If your discomfort is too extreme, your specialist might refer you to an immediate health screening package to shed light on the source of your pain.


Describe How The Injury Happened

No matter how complicated, silly, or embarrassing your accident was, you need to let your specialist know how your injury happened. Your specialist will need to know the story behind your health concern to understand how your body received the trauma. You do not need to worry, though, because everything that happens in a medical check up in Singapore stays between you and your doctor.


Share Your Fitness Level

Believe it or not, your fitness level has something to do with how your injury happened. A physically fit individual who performs regular exercises has a different body structure than someone who occasionally plays sports. Your doctor will not judge you about your fitness choices. They only need to learn about it to understand your injury and administer appropriate treatment in their sports injury clinic in Singapore.


Disclose The Medicines You’re Taking

Before you receive a treatment plan from a Singapore sports medicine centre, your specialist will inquire about every medication, supplement, and herbal remedy you are currently taking. You need to be as honest as possible when disclosing this information. Specific substances can interfere with your recommended regimen and cause alarming complications.


Prepare For Tests

No matter the type and severity of your injury, tests are necessary to see what went wrong with your body. Prepare for examinations that will test your strength, mobility, and flexibility. You may also need to undergo an X-ray, MRI, or CT scan, which could be part of a health screening package.


Expect A Follow-Up Check-up

Your journey to healing from your injury does not end after a single visit to a sports injury clinic in Singapore. Expect to see your doctor a few more times for a few weeks or months, depending on the severity of your condition. They need to see how your body responds to the treatment and inspect you for possible complications


Don’t Forget To Ask For Excuse Slips!

Recovering from an injury does not happen overnight. Whether you are a student or an employee, remember to ask your doctor for an excuse note or slip addressed to your superior or the concerned authority. In case you forgot to request an excuse note, you can always return to your Singapore specialist’s sports medicine centre for it.

Now that you know what may happen during your checkup, you may now book an appointment with a reliable sports injury clinic in Singapore like Thomson Wellth Clinic. Visit their website below to learn how you can talk to their specialist.