Adult acne is something that isn’t often talked about but is a concern for many people. Acne is commonly associated with the teenage years, but for some, it continues well into their adult years. Some people may have had clear skin when they were younger and are now starting to develop acne as an adult. Acne can show up on the face, chest and back and can leave behind scarring that looks like dark spots and hyperpigmentation. 

If this is an issue you suffer from and want to find a way to fade the scars left behind by adult acne, there are many effective treatments you can use.

Wear Sunscreen to Prevent Further Damage

The first tip is to prevent any further damage from occurring to your skin. Sun exposure can cause havoc on your skin, including hyperpigmentation. It can also deepen the scars that are already visible on your skin. If you happen to be using acne treatments or medication, your skin may be extra-sensitive to the sun, which is another reason to protect it.

Use an At-Home Facial Peel

This is a great time to start using at-home facial peels as they can address a wide array of skin issues such as acne scarring. Look for one that offers gentle chemical exfoliation so you don’t damage your skin. Be sure to also follow the instructions on how often to use the peel, as over-use can dry out your skin significantly. These at-home peels often use alpha-hydroxy acid, poly-hydroxy acids, retinol and/or vitamin C.

If you have deep and extensive scarring, it’s best to have a professional chemical peel done. Professionals will have access to stronger potency than you get. They also know how to safely use the peel.

Level Up the Treatment with Microneedling

If you’ve got extensive scarring or you feel like you’ve tried everything possible at home and aren’t getting results, then microneedling could be a great option. With this treatment, a mechanical needling device is used on the skin to create microchannels in it. By doing this, the body’s natural response is to heal the wounds and then create fresh new tissue. The needle can break up the scarring caused by acne which will help with not just the skin tone but also the texture of your skin.

After a microneedling treatment, you can expect to have redness that starts to clear up after 24 hours. Even though you’ll get results after just one treatment, it’s usually best to go for a few sessions for the maximum results. Moving forward you can then book maintenance sessions which will be more spread out. It’s best to speak to a professional salon such as to get a better idea of what’s involved and the results you can expect. 

Adult acne is hard enough to deal with, let alone the scarring it can leave behind. Using these tips and treatments will help to reduce further damage to your skin and eliminate the scars you have.