Many skilled poets avoid exposing their work to the public due to fear of criticism. To be great in the poetry industry, one must face criticisms and negativity from other people. That is part of the process for growth in this career. To encounter all that and still stand, poets will need confidence. Listed below are ways the competitions build the confidence of contesting writers.

Stiff Competition

Many writers love taking part in contests regularly because it helps in building their skills. Even renowned poets still compete. When you take part in competitions with this knowledge, you will be confident. That is because the free poetry contests allow you to compare your work with the best writers. Eventually, you will have confidence in your creativity and writing skills.

Publishing Deals 

The dream of every poet is to get a publishing deal. That will enable them to publish and sell their work all over the world. However, only the best poets in the industry get these deals. Some contestants do not believe they have what it takes to get publishing deals. When you get an offer to publish poems after winning poetry contests, it will inflate your confidence. You will believe in your writing skills too.

Judges’ Feedback

Apart from searching for the winning poem, jurors always help contestants to achieve their potential. Most of them are very encouraging and honest. They can reveal to the writers without hesitation if poetry is their talent or not. If they send positive feedback to a writer, he/she will be encouraged. His confidence to write more poems and participate in other competitions will be boosted.


Most poets have low self-esteem when it comes to poetry due to the lack of exposure. They might have exceptional skills and creativity. However, until they compare their skills with other writers, they will never know their potential. The free poetry contests allow poets to rate their skills and expertise. If they win the contest, they will be confident in their poetry skills.

Reader’s Opinions 

The objective of every writer is to produce poems that will connect with their audience. Most readers will give an opinion of every poem they read. Hence, when they love your poems, they will encourage you to create more content. Such sentiments when obtained from poetry contests will motivate the contestants and enhance their confidence. That will eliminate fear for creating poems.