When you think of people tracking, we’d generally find it creepy because stalkers would use such a device to get to their target easier. Knowing someone’s location 24/7 seems like a bit much when privacy is everything, but this is needed to ensure the safety of those you care about. The world is a dangerous place with dangerous people. It can be extremely anxiety-inducing when you have no idea where your children or employees are during a trip. So with technology that can track down your location no matter where you go, people can feel reassured. A specific experience of mine has taught me the importance of tracking devices, which involved a class field trip that had gone wrong by the end of it. 


The Calm Before The Storm

After visiting the last location on our itinerary, the class was told to return to the bus to begin our journey back to school, where our parents would be waiting. We obediently listened to our teacher and held our bus buddy’s hand on the way there to ensure no one was left behind. It was honestly a scary thought. If I were the one left behind, I wouldn’t have a single clue what to do to find my way home to my parents. If my parents knew my real time location, maybe I wouldn’t need to worry so much in a situation like that. 

The drive back wasn’t silent for the first hour. The hour mainly consisted of noise caused by my restless classmates, who kept asking for snacks. After the first hour had passed, our teacher decided to put on a movie to help us settle down. With our attention fixated on the film provided, we were unprepared to hear the announcement our teacher made once another hour had passed.


How Storm Was Evaded

She suddenly told us that we were a little lost. It caused panic among my classmates, some of whom had already concluded that we would never see our families again. Thinking about such a thing happening made my stomach feel sick. In that brief moment, it felt like there was no fixing this problem.

As reassurance, our teacher told us that we didn’t need to worry too much about it since we had particular technology that helped us in times like these. She then started telling us all about the GPS tracker in Singapore that the driver owns. She said our location was being transmitted to the admins back in school. With the admins knowing where we specifically were, they were able to help us by guiding the driver back onto the right path. I initially doubted the fix was that easy, but the bus eventually found its way back as soon as the driver received the directions from the administration.

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