Healthy veins will keep you productive and happy in life, even as you grow older. Imagine turning 50, and you can still do things you want like swimming, going to a yoga class, and even being the top employee of your company. All of these are possible if you look after your health young. So, for people in their teens and 20s, your health is essential as money because you need to invest in them. Once you go a bit older, you’ll reap what you sow in your earlier years. Plus, you can prevent the development of varicose veins in Singapore that can surely hinder your life.

Varicose or spider veins can make you feel uncomfortable because there will be swollen and enlarged veins on your legs and feet. It can certainly affect your daily productivity and make you less satisfied with how your day goes. Remember, you might need to take a break from your work and skip classes at school once you develop this disease.

If you want to avoid this, keeping your veins healthy is an excellent way to shield yourself against these diseases. To do so, continue reading this article for more health tips.

Daily Activities for Healthier Veins

As mentioned above, your health is an investment. So, you can start by doing daily activities promoting healthier veins in the long run. Remember, it’s your only body, and you should begin to give love to it because you’ll be happier, more confident, and mentally more assertive. If you want to prevent varicose veins or spider veins in Singapore, here are your daily activities to avoid such diseases.

1) Bring a Water Jug Wherever You Go

You need to make drinking plenty of water a day a habit. Even if you’re at home, bringing a water jug by your side is advisable to drink water from time to time. You can look for tumblers that will fit your preference, and luckily, there are many styles you can choose from in the market. With this, you can quickly achieve eight glasses of water a day. Another reason you should drink water is that it helps avoid blood clotting. Due to blood clotting, you can develop spider veins that affect your overall health.

But, when you have enough water for the day, the blood will thin out and flow more freely, preventing clotting. Yes, drinking enough water will benefit not only your veins but your whole body as well. So, achieving that eight glasses of water a day is worth the effort.

2) Stick to Your Regular Exercises

Regular exercises can help your blood flow quickly. Although you need to avoid activities like weightlifting as it can put too much pressure on your veins, you can choose other workouts like brisk walking, yoga, and cardio. As such, you can still maintain a healthy body despite the restrictions. See, there are no excuses if you want to get active again because many exercises can be appropriate for your case.

Better yet, visit a vein clinic in Singapore to know more about the exercises that will fit your body’s needs. Exercising is good for your overall body, so you can see that it will be worth the effort if you stick to your schedule and never skip a day in your workout routine. Finally, don’t forget to add some rest days at least once a week.

3) Elevate Legs While Lying Down on Bed

Living with varicose or spider veins will need some adjustments. That’s why you may need to change your lifestyle to have a faster recovery process. You first need to remind yourself to elevate your legs for at least five minutes a day. If you’re wondering why you should do this, it is because elevating your legs can help return the blood flow to your heart. On top of this, it can reduce swelling and relieves pressure on your legs due to your vein problems.

However, before doing this, better visit a vascular doctor in Singapore to know the proper way to do your elevation home remedy to avoid more complications. It is also to ensure that there is healthy circulation in your body.

4) Eat Healthier Meals and Take Vitamins

Of course, you must also change your diet once diagnosed with the spider or varicose veins. It would be best to take full responsibility for your body because you only have one until you age. And for sure, you wouldn’t want to regret wasting your younger years damaging your body. So, take this as a lesson, and eat healthier food while taking vitamins to improve your health.

There are foods like chia seeds, berries, leafy greens, avocado, asparagus, bananas, and citrus fruits. You can also ask your vascular doctor about vitamins and supplements you need to take for a healthier body. And ask about the proper intervals of your medicinal intake for faster recovery.

5) Make a Schedule for Your Doctor Visit

With your health condition, you need to prioritise your doctor consulting at a vein clinic to know more about your health progress. During the weekends, use your time to book a consultation at least once or twice every three months. You can get an update about the latest medical procedures like sclerotherapy in Singapore.Sclerotherapy is a procedure that injects into your veins to treat spider veins and varicose veins. It reroutes the blood through healthier veins.

Remember that you need to be diligent when visiting your doctor because you need to have regular checkups to know whether you’re improving or not. If not, the doctor will advise you to change medications and undergo treatments.

6) Add Compression Stockings to Your Wardrobe

Are you a fashionista who likes to try different OOTDs? If you have varicose or spider veins, you need to consider compression stockings because they can promote blood flow. It is recommended if you’re standing or sitting all day due to work. It can also help people who are pregnant and struggling with obesity. For this reason, you need to add some stockings to your wardrobe for your fashion style.


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