Generally, cakes are more than just a tasty and sweet table treat that is a favourite of everyone. On some occasions, preppers will often dish out large cakes to serve the attending guests. These big cakes are made to look larger than conventional ones (the likeness that is seen in simple home celebrations) built upon multiple layers. They are embroidered in a careful manner with icings, flavourful toppings, beads and other fancy embellishments that will complete the look of a fabulous cake that any rare occasions deserve to have.

From buying corporate events, birthdays and a wedding anniversary cake in Singapore, each cake that we buy reflects the event and the theme of the party. When best, it embodies the event and celebration.

Cakes can go in the simplest form or the most sophisticated design. Cakes can be moulded into any appearance to suit the event and its guests.

Buying Cakes Online For Any Event

Buying cakes nowadays is much simpler and hassle-free. Thanks to an online cake shop that you can find with a simple search, consumers can now acquire cakes without leaving the comfort of their homes.

What’s more advantageous buying your next wedding anniversary or birthday cake online is the abundance of options that one can choose from a single or multiple vendors. From unique designs and decorations down to the trendiest cake type you can find online, you’ll find limitless possibilities just by browsing on a single online cake shop in your area.

With the e-commerce era at its dawn, there’s no other reason to look for a better alternative than buying a cake for your next celebration. Here are some of the advantages of buying a cake online!

Save Money

There is a great benefit to why many cake lovers are turning online when buying cakes. Many buyers found out that they are saving more money when ordering cakes online than going to a bakeshop. With coupons and discounts plaguing the online and even sale promotion, buyers are getting more bargain deals on cakes. Sometimes, an online cake shop may throw in free cake delivery promos.

Not only that you’ll find the cake of your liking that looks irresistible, but you’ll also be saving more for your wallet. There’s no reason for you not to try ordering cakes online if you haven’t gone with one yet.

Easy To Find Credibility Factor

Don’t know if a bakery is trustworthy? Buying online can help you find the credibility of each cake store. So, before you jump to any conclusion or try buying from an online cake shop, you can always check out customer reviews in and out of their website. Each product may even include reviews from recent buyers, so it’s up to you if you think the product is worth buying from them.

You can find if anything is trustable or not and if the product is worth the price and money. Buying online has never been more secure and simple, even for the dubious and sceptics!

It Takes Little To No Effort To Buy A Cake

You don’t have to worry about distance and spend a large chunk of your time to find a decent cake. In some cases, we often spend our energy finding a decent patisserie in Singapore and going back home thinking if we should finalise and commit to the purchase. But with online cake buying available at the power of our smartphone and fingertip, we don’t have to worry about consuming too much time and effort.

In fact, if you’re not satisfied with a single bakery, you can browse the Internet for other bakeries or an online cake shop in and out of your area, and you’ll never be disappointed with every offer that ranges at different price points. No matter how grand or simple your event is, there’s always a shop and a cake online, and it won’t take an hour for you to realise that!

Can Be Delivered Anywhere

What if you want a surprise cake for your loved ones and they happen to live at different locations from you – would you give up the idea of giving them a surprise cake gift because of the distance? Certainly not when you know that shopping for cake online allows you to send cakes almost anywhere via delivery (depending on the store). Such a feature is beneficial if you have a friend or loved ones who are unable to join on your special day. In that case, a cake delivery would be a fitting surprise for them.

Some stores have same day cake delivery in Singapore if you’re worried if the cake will take too long to get from your destination. You can check the store’s information and policy about their cake delivery to avoid the hassle.

How To Buy Cakes Online Without Having Problem


If you plan to order a cake online in Singapore for the first time, here are a few pointers to serve as a guide on what you can do to avoid running into any possible problems.

  • Know your budget first
  • Find out what cake you want.
  • If you’re buying a cake for a special occasion, always keep in mind the number of guests that will attend
  • Read the store and the product review before you make a decision
  • Learn and read their cake delivery policy
  • If the online cake shop offers any form of taste test for the product or has a smaller version that you can try to see if you will like the taste, go for it.
  • Confirm the details to the store and communicate with them about possible decorations to add


Buying a cake online isn’t that hard or too complicated. While the pandemic is currently ongoing, buying online will get you so far as to save your money, time and even protect you from the risks of exposing yourself outside.

If you haven’t thought about ordering a birthday or wedding anniversary cake in Singapore online, you can visit Bellton Patisserie for more cake and other baked goods.