There is no possible discussion, sports betting is a big business for bookmakers, they always win, they have the upper hand, as they say. But it is also true that there are a small percentage of players who win them systematically and earn not inconsiderable bonuses because they know how to bet on the internet.

Obviously the bookmakers or gambling operators are not going to want you to know the tricks to be accurate in your predictions, much less be aware of their weaknesses, those in which they are most vulnerable. But precisely this article is about this, about teaching you how to make money by gambling. Many of these tips are backed by more than 10 years of experience in the sports betting business.

How to bet and win money?

Sports betting houses have many material means of making money. He thinks that sports betting is precisely his business, what they do, and it is an activity that, in general, leaves a margin of between 5% and 10%. That is to say, of every € 100 that we gamble in a house, the company keeps between € 5 and € 10.

These figures correspond to an average percentage of profits obtained by sports betting houses, but this is distributed in different ways. For starters, there is a percentage of roughly 60% of players who consistently lose money, typically 10% of their stake. For more, make a visit to to discover more.

The key statistics

There are also 20% of the players who lose less, but around 3% of the amounts wagered; another 10% who neither win nor lose (maintain a certain balance of banking) and, finally, there are approximately 10% of players who consistently beat sports betting houses.

The idea is simple

Discover the techniques and tips that these sports betting winners use to consistently beat the bookies. From the different analyzes of the great sports betting gurus we can obtain valuable advice such as these:

Seven fundamental tips when betting on the Internet

Specialize in minority sports or events

To make money gambling, it is best to specialize in minority sports or championships. Sports betting winners specialize in very specific markets. There are experts in the NFL, in the Second Division of soccer or in the women’s league, in the corner market, etc.

Specialization and experience are essential to be successful in your bets. Become the best at something, if possible, by betting on events that go unnoticed at the bookmakers. For example, becoming a specialist in bets on cards or corners is a very good idea, because there are hardly any operators that have bookmakers specialized in corner kicks.

On the other hand, if you bet or specialize in mass bets – on which everyone bets, for example, winner of the Champions League, your chances of winning will always be minimal, because you are going to face well-prepared bookmakers, who also they have at their disposal all the means, statistics and information about those events.

Use the different bonuses and promotions of the bookmakers

Most of the bookmakers use the formula of bonuses and different types of promotions as a way to attract customers. These bonuses are there to take advantage of and are a good idea for those who want to make the most of their bets for two main reasons: they allow you to gain experience thanks to some of their formats, such as the safe or return bets offered by many houses, and also, the bonuses -of whatever type- they significantly reduce the odds of the different bookmakers.