One of the must-see things in Japan is their food models. These plastic food replicas are so life-like that they are very enticing to eat. Unfortunately, not all of us can go to Japan to see them nor find a restaurant in Singapore that has one.

What Singapore has is an online food ordering and delivery service. Well, most of the world has its own food and beverage apps, websites, and online services. Although you cannot tempt your customers to order to your restaurant through life-like plastic food replicas, you can convince them through the efficient service and features of your eCommerce website design.

Must-Have Features For Your Restaurant Ordering and Delivery Website

Online food ordering and delivery services have surfaced and grown stronger amidst the global pandemic. Many restaurants have powered up their websites throughresponsive web design in Singaporeto offer convenient online food services. These services are probably faster than fast food as they are literally on the go and on the road.

If you are planning to establish your own restaurant website with the support of grants for website design, here are the web features you should not miss out on:

Responsive Web Design

Bigger restaurants and leading fast-food chains may have their mobile app for online food ordering and delivery services. But if your grants for website design are not enough for mobile apps, you can invest inresponsive web design in Singapore. What exactly is responsive web design?

Responsive web design in Singapore basically makes your website mobile-friendly. Meaning your website adjusts automatically to the device used for access.

A responsive web design is beneficial as people do tons of activities and transactions through their mobile phones. It allows them to order food from your restaurant while inside an elevator or on their way home.

Customisation or a-la-carte options

Most restaurants offer meal sets and bundle orders, but these options somehow restrict your customers. It is better to give your customers order customisation and a-la-carte options.

The feature allows customers to purchase the food they want or different variants of the same product they desire. They can also include and exclude add ons to their meals.

Awebsite design company in Singapore may offer a product customisation key feature for this option.

Pre-order Option

Most fast-food chains do not allow pre-orders, while restaurants may offer one. You can use the pre-order option to your advantage.

With pre-orders, customers can place their meal orders days or weeks in advance.

The pre-order option can also be used for catering services. Usually, catering services need days or a week of lead time. With the pre-order option and lead time, your restaurant has enough period to replenish stocks and supplies to meet the pre-orders.

The best website design company in Singapore can help you set up this feature into your website, including the sub-features like order calendar and instant payment and deposit.

Tip Jar Feature

Like the in-store restaurant and fast-food chains tip jars, online food order and delivery can add a tipping system to the website.

In virtual tip jars, the e-wallet account link of the cook, delivery person, customer service, or any restaurant staff is displayed on the website. E-wallet accounts include PayPal, Facebook Pay, Cashapp, and so on. It allows the customer to send their tips directly to the staff’s e-wallet account.

The best website design company in Singapore can help you set up this option for your website.

Real-Time GPS Tracking System

Before, take outs were the “on-the-go” service of many restaurants and fast-food chains. Today, online food order and delivery services dethrone take-outs.

Since online food order and delivery services are literally on the way, it would be better to provide the customers with a feature that allows them to track their orders.

Real-time GPS trackers provide the customers with the exact location of their owner and how much longer it will take to reach the delivery address.

Besides the customers, restaurant owners can also track the movement and progress of their delivery personnel in real-time.

Restaurants and fast-food chains hire a website design company in Singapore to integrate map and navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze into the real-time tracking system.

Product Labels

Similar to other eCommerce websites, restaurant and fast-food chains indicate important information on their products. Product labels may include the main ingredients of the dish and allergy warnings.

Product labels are significant, especially for people following a strict diet or who have diet restrictions. At the same time, product labels eliminate the need for customers to call customer service regarding the ingredients or allergy warnings.

Apart from product labels, nutrition facts also aid health-conscious customers. Nutrition facts help customers to make healthier food choices. To prevent customers from overlooking the nutrition facts, you can add some health facts or benefits of your product. Seeing the health benefits of your menu convinces your customers to purchase your food.

Ask your web developer to add this feature to youreCommerce website design.

Reviews and Rating

Perhaps you have heard about Tripadvisor, a platform where people can leave reviews and ratings of different services, from hotels to restaurants.

Fortunately, you can have your own reviews and rating page on your website. Why are reviews, feedback, and ratings necessary?

Businesses, especially restaurants, value their customers; therefore, their opinion matters. Customer feedback allows restaurant and fast-food owners to identify the drawbacks in their service and curate strategies for improvement.

On the flip side, clients’ positive reviews persuade potential customers to try the service. Some customers also leave photos of their food on the feedback page, which can also be converted as free promotion.


As they say, food can be served according to your taste. Similarly, a restaurant and food order and delivery serviceeCommerce website designmay include and exclude different features, depending on their needs.

There are lots of features and functions to explore in food eCommerce website design. Don’t be afraid to try one!

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