Morocco is a beautiful country that is home to many amazing destinations and cities. In Morocco, you can experience the rich culture and enjoy visiting mesmerizing places. It is considered to be a good destination for budget travellers.

This country is much cheaper than many other countries and provides both a cheap and expensive lifestyle. The people who want to buy cheap property can find them in many cities of morocco.

Here is the list of the five cheapest places to buy property in Morocco

  1.     Settat

This city is located between the national capital Rabat and Marrakech. It is situated 83.9km by road to the center of Casablanca within one hour drive. It is linked by road and railway with Casablanca to the north and Marrakech to the south.

This city is the biggest market center in the fertile Chaouia coastal plain. This place is best to buy property for the people who want to stay connected with big cities but cannot afford to buy an expansive property. You can travel to big cities easily and come back in a few hours. You can buy a 70m2 apartment with two bedrooms at an average price of $55,000.

  1. Asilah

Asilah is among the most amazing and mesmerizing well-preserved old towns in Morocco. It is a fortified town about 31km south of Tangier. This town is the perfect place to spend the weekend.

You can enjoy quiet days at the beach and enjoy the international cultural festival. This is a small town with nice apartments and houses. You can buy an affordable house of 100m2 for $48,000.

  1.     Taroudant

Taroudant is the city in the Sous valley. It is the former capital of Morocco and was built by the Saadian dynasty as a base to attack the Portuguese on the Atlantic Coast. This city is not very famous among tourists, but to the gateway to Souss and Anti Atlas, this place becomes a good place to stay for a couple of nights.

The best thing about this city is its location in the fertile Souss and at Anti Atlas Mountains’ foothill. You can find a peaceful atmosphere here. This city offers every facility to its residents.

The real estate is affordable here, and you can find an affordable 3-bedroom 70m2 apartment in Taroudant at an average price of $40,000.

  1. Ksar el-Kabir

It is a town located in northwestern Morocco at a 160km distance from the capital. It is the most ancient town in Morocco. This town is the home to many scholars, mystics, and refugees from Algarve and al Angulas.

Ksar el Kabir is one of Morocco’s richest agricultural regions and provides 20% of the sugar to Morocco. The people who want to live away from the hustle-bustle and modernism can live in this city. The real estate is also low here, and You can buy an 80m2 apartment at an average price of $30,000.

  1. Nador

It is a coastal city separated from the Mediterranean Sea by a salt lagoon known as Bhar Amezzyan. Nador is a small city, and you can get everything easily here without much traveling. It is a plain city with Moroccan culture seeping into every corner.

There is not much to do in Nadar, but the city is on renovation and becoming the prime destination in Morocco. It has a few attractions, and you can enjoy a pleasant walk and find some perfect cafes on the clifftop.

As this city is still being renovated and being developed, you can easily buy cheap property here. The price on average for a 100m2 house is $25,000.