Fascia and soffit are the trim that surrounds your roof. A minor color change can radically change the look of the exterior of your home. Selecting suitable colors is critical when building a new house or replacing the current fascia or soffit.

Fascia versus soffit: what is the difference?

Soffit refers to the horizontal ceiling you have observed running underneath the roof’s overhang. If you stand close to the home and look upwards, you can see the soffit lining. However, the vertical trim boards that run along the front section of the soffit are a part of the fascia. These are responsible for giving the roof a cleaner appearance and isolating the top from the sliding. When people approach the house from a distance, the fascia board is the most apparent, although the soffit is primarily visible from different angles. Check out https://litcore.ie/soffit for more information.

Standard colors are used in the case of fascia and soffit.

In the case of fascia and soffit colors, various shades of cream or tan and white are very prevalent. Many sliding styles and colors look very nice with these neutral shades. However, there is a full-color wheel for the customer to choose from. Other neutral colors considered for fascia and soffit are black, grey, and chocolate brown. You can also go for accent colors like Navy blue, brick red, or Forest Green. The reason people opt for neutrals is that they are a safe option. Neutrals can quickly adapt to various design trends, but it does not necessarily have to be strict with neutral colors. If you like a bright orange fascia, you can go for it. All you have to think about is how the color might affect the resale value of your house and how it may complement the other colors of the exterior of your home.

Is it essential that the soffit must match the fascia boards?

Typically, people prefer that the fascia boards and soffit match. However, it is not necessary. Sometimes to enhance the visual intrigue of the house, homeowners tend to pick opposing colors while others prefer to opt for subtle variations of similar shades. If you want to be on the safer side, you should opt for matching hues.

How to find the best colors for soffit and fascia?

When you decide to choose colors for your soffit and fascia, you should go according to the siding and roofing colors. The colors of your fascia and soffit should match the hues of these two. If you want, you can also have the soffit and fascia match the roofing colors. This is an amazing option for high roofline homes. If, however, your roof is low-slung, the fascia board will draw the eye downwards and make it appear even more inadequate.

Focus on choosing a color that complements the trim. This is a standard selection method of the fascia board. The fascia should match the house’s trim beard. Do not forget to consider the gutter colors. They will also affect appearance.