Roman blinds are known as a variety of window covering or you can use them to adorn your Favorite window space like Balcony, living lounge, drawing room, etc. These blinds are made with fabric plates with simply attached cord; these help you to operate the window upward or downward according to your desire.

Why are these called Roman blinds?

Roman Blinds came to us by the Roman Empire 2000 years ago in Rome as we all know very well so many household items were produced in ancient times. These people were concerned about fashion; they just wanted to fulfill the necessity of a house for the sake of specific function. In short, we can say these blinds were invented by the Romans.

Are Roman blinds out of fashion?

No, Roman blinds look good when installed and these blinds are still in trend, from previous years their versatility is increasing that’s why new and lavish apartments or bang law are not completed without it.

Why are Roman blinds popular?

These blinds offer so many advantages which other blinds can’t. These blinds can add warmth in winter and give you relaxation and insulation in summer. And these blinds also have so many colors and designs and the finishing texture is outstanding. You can choose these blinds according to your home interior.

Are Roman blinds expensive?

Compared to ordinary blinds, these are expensive enough, these blinds cannot be easily cleaned, and much treatment you adopt requires time. The method of its cleaning you choose depends upon the blind’s size, color, and style.

Are Roman Blinds safe for children?

If you want to make your home Versatile you must install these blinds because it gives a new look to your home, these blinds are carefully manufactured and can be sold in high demand so you can easily use these blinds. These are quite safe for children and senior citizens.

Do Roman blinds catch dust?

The durability of the product is 50 percent dependent upon how you are going to use the product and the other 50 percent depends on its making and the element which the manufacturer has used. If you take care of blinds and vacuum them every weekend and clean them daily with a soft cotton cloth, they may run with you for a long time.

Can we install these blinds in the living lounge?

These blinds give an aesthetic look when installed in the living lounge giving a new shape to the area. It offers benefits like roller blinds and these blinds are easily available with new designs and colors, so you can choose them according to your home’s interior.

Can Roman blinds keep heat indoors?

These blinds are prepared with solid pieces of fabric without any gaps, only air can easily pass through them, but light cannot travel from them. These blinds are best in use because they can help you to maintain internal temperature, they are so Efficient in insulating their value increases when it works with thermal blackout lining.