An ENT, or an ear, nose, and throat physician, is one of the most crucial doctors on your family’s health care team. A physician that specializes in the ear, nose, and throat (ENT) treats all conditions related to these body parts. ENTs are also called otolaryngologists. If your child has recurrent ear infections, you will most likely seek treatment from an ENT clinic in Singapore. Or, as a senior, you may have a hearing problem that requires the attention of an ENT.

Find out what an ENT treats and how they can help you or your family with specific health issues.

Training and education.

ENTs must first get an undergraduate degree before applying for training at an ENT clinic in Singapore. It can be in any field, but biology and chemistry are particularly beneficial for medical school. The next four years are all in medical school. The majority of the first two years are in the classroom. Medical students in their third and fourth years complete rotations in various specialties to gain a broad range of experience and determine their post-graduation area of concentration. ENT aspirants complete a 5-year residency following graduation from medical school. During this programme, they learn everything there is to know about otolaryngology from more seasoned physicians.

Reasons to Consult an ENT doctor.

Problems with tonsils and sinuses.

Parents frequently take their children to an ENT clinic in Singapore for ear infections. They take antibiotics, but if the disease persists, ENTs may recommend surgery. The infection of the tonsils is known as tonsillitis. Again, doctors typically prescribe antibiotics, but if the condition persists, they may suggest that you remove your tonsils.

Sinus issues are misdiagnosed often as symptoms of the common cold, but if left untreated, they can progress and worsen. If you are prone to bouts of sinusitis or have suffered from sinusitis for an extended period, you must schedule an appointment with an ENT physician. Chronic sinusitis refers to sinus issues that last longer than four months. An ENT clinic in Singapore can aid in diagnosing and treating the underlying cause of the disease.

Loss of hearing.

Schedule an appointment with an ENT clinic in Singapore as soon as possible if you are experiencing hearing problems. If there is an underlying cause or your hearing has significantly deteriorated, it is best to intervene as quickly as possible. Your physician will conduct tests and examinations to determine a cause and discuss potential treatment options with you. Hearing aids are for those with hearing loss. These devices improve hearing by capturing and amplifying sounds and are worn either inside or outside of the ear. Hearing aids today are available in many styles and are very discreet.

Normal ageing causes hearing loss. Nevertheless, sudden hearing impairments may indicate a fatal condition. In either case, an otolaryngologist will be able to diagnose the problem and assist you in obtaining any necessary treatments to improve your hearing. If you require hearing aids, your ENT doctor in mount Elizabeth may refer you to an audiologist to have them fitted.

Chronic snoring problems.

Adults are more likely than children to snore. It may not be a sign of a fatal condition, but you should ask your paediatrician if they recommend seeing an ENT doctor at mount Elizabeth. It could be a sign of sleep apnea, which leads to issues with facial bones or bedwetting.

Persistent ear infections.

The incidence of ear infections in adults is typically much lower than in children. Consult your ENT clinic in Singapore if you experience ear pain or recurrent ear infections. Your doctor may be able to provide an effective treatment that eliminates infections if recurrent infections are a symptom of an underlying problem.



A common name for tinnitus is ringing in the ears. If you have tinnitus, you will be able to hear noises and sounds even in the absence of an external source. After attending a concert or nightclub, many of you experience temporary episodes of tinnitus. Consult a sinus specialist in Singapore about ear, nose, and throat conditions if your symptoms worsen or become more frequent.

Generally, tinnitus is temporary, but in some cases, it can begin to interfere with daily life. There are treatments and therapies available, such as using sound machines, which can help mask the whooshing, ringing, buzzing, or humming sounds caused by tinnitus. Tinnitus is often associated with hearing loss. Although hearing loss does not directly cause tinnitus, it can exacerbate symptoms by making the sounds caused by tinnitus appear louder due to the absence of sounds that you cannot hear due to hearing loss. If hearing tests from an ENT doctor in mount Elizabeth reveal a degree of hearing loss, treating this issue may alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus.

Neck lumps.

A lump in the neck that persists for more than two weeks may indicate oral, thyroid, or blood cancer. Cancers that originate in these areas spread to the lymph nodes in the throat before growing elsewhere. A lump is distinct from swollen lymph nodes, which may indicate a fatal illness caused by common conditions such as strep throat or ear infection. Consult a sinus specialist in Singapore if you have small lumps to get cured as quickly as possible.

Chronic sore throat.

It’s common to have a sore throat during a cough or a cold, but you should be wary of persistent symptoms or a prolonged sore throat. Visiting an ENT clinic in Singapore is a good idea if you have severe symptoms or a sore throat that persists for more than two weeks. There could be underlying factors contributing to your symptoms. Occasionally, tonsillitis is accompanied by severe symptoms. Once your ENT physician has determined the cause, they will be able to discuss treatment options with you and, hopefully, reduce the likelihood of future recurrences.

Keep this comprehensive guide in mind whenever you have signs of ENT complications. It is prudent to be ready at all costs.

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