The online gaming industry is growing at an enormous speed. With the introduction of the latest technology and high-end features, the online gaming sector is witnessing huge success.

The gamers today are more agile. They not only look for entertainment and amusement on the net but prefer a worthwhile time. Everything right from the dashboard, interface, graphics, Fx effects to prizes matters to them. A gaming portal that can offer the best of all wins the show and loyalty of the player too. But it is never easy to find such a good and worthy gaming site.

Thereby, there is intense competition in the online gaming industry. There are umpteen gaming portals, websites, and applications. Each strives to come with an innovative and unique concept that entices the players to come and play on their media. 

Good Gamer

Good Gamer is one of the popular online gaming platforms. It is built by a team of highly experienced and passionate technocrats. The gaming platform is contemporary and offers its gamers a unique gaming experience. 

What works wonders for Good Gamer is the simple and user-friendly interface and the variety of games that it offers. The application is loaded with some of the best real money skill-based games. 

Good Gamers allows its gamers to play their favourite mobile games at their convenience. It also ensures that the games have an unforgettable gaming experience and an opportunity to win attractive cash prizes.

Good Gamer offers a variety of fantasy sports games such as cricket, football, etc. One can participate in the tournaments, matches, place your predictions to win attractive prizes. One can also choose their favourite team and be a part of the various condensates on the application.

If you are looking out for an individual or single-player game then, Good Gamer is not the ideal option for you. There is a limited assemblage of games at Good Gamer.  As the gaming application is designed for fantasy game fans, It provides a real-time exhilarating experience to the participants. 

The gaming application is secured and ensures the utmost safety of the participant information.  


Another immensely famous gaming application is GetMega. It is a premium online gaming application. It is loaded with some of the best and popular games. The players can enjoy the next-level gaming experience due to its amazing user interface. 

GetMega offers horizontal and vertical gameplay to its gamers. For instance, games like poker, carrom, and warships can be played in the vertical gameplay format whereas Gopool, Rummy are in horizontal gameplay. 

The online gameplay at GetMega is interactive and immersive. It offers a maximum entertainment quotient and an elating experience. The attractive graphics and use of vibrant colours pump up the energy levels of the gamers. 

Moreover, the real-time 24*7 leader board makes it convenient for gamers to keep a tab on their performance. GetMega has all real players. Mobile verification is mandatory at GetMega. 

At GetMega, online games are available in three different categories namely card games, casual games, and trivia games. Each category consists of some skill-based and fun games. 

The games in the card game category include

  • Poker
  • Rummy

The games in the casual game category include

  • GoPool
  • Carrom
  • Warship
  • ABC Rummy
  • Dots Dash

The games in the casual game category include

  • PicMe
  • GK
  • 123

GetMega allows its players to play an exciting fleet of games and earn real cash rewards. The intuitive user interface along with smart features and user-friendly dashboards gives this application a distinct edge.

The Key takeaway

Though Good Gamer and GetMega both belong to a different online game league, clearly the UI of Good Gamer vs GetMega is on a different level compared to other similar sites . The former one offers more fantasy sports games while the latter one offers a host of amusing games in various categories.