Chatbots are the new technology trend now that most companies are opting for. It comes with several benefits that are hard to ignore. If you create a botline (สร้างบอทไลน์, which is the term in Thai), it would help in managing your customers and can also help with employee engagement. Yet, many businesses are afraid of employing chatbots because of the several myths they have heard. Here are a few of them.

Is Useful To Specific Industries Only

One of the biggest myths that are related to chatbots would be that they are useful for only specific industries mainly customer-centric ones. Though one of the primary functions of the chatbot would be talking to customers, it is not their only job and they could perform various functions.

Chatbots could be used successfully in different industries including education, tourism, finance, commerce, and others. Chatbots could easily continue with the repetitive task so that employees could focus on other aspects of the business and be more creative as well as stay focused.

They Do Not Offer Personalized Messages

Another myth that many believe but is something that should be debunked as soon as possible. Though before, some chatbots had issues with contextualizing, but with better AI technology, it is not the case anymore. With time chatbots are now able to offer better user response, craft customized messages helping you serve your customers better. 

It Is Only Valid On Messenger 

Chatbots are not limited to any kind of social media as one might think. Industries are using a chatbot for their business interface which helps in saving the time of the employee and offer customized customer service. Create a botline that would serve business-centric purposes.

Human Agents Do Not have Access Ro It 

One of the biggest myths related to chatbots would be that human agent access is no more available when one opts for chatbots. Whenever the need would arise, easily the access could be handed over from the chatbot to the human agent. 

When using chatbots, human agents have significance too. While chatbots could easily resolve an issue, human agents can offer customized customer solutions too. Some queries are way too complex and it is easier for a human agent to work on it rather than going for chatbots. Some chatbots while facing issues with certain queries could directly send the message to lice chat where a human agent would be present to resolve it. 

Chatbots are not only text-based and they are evolving as required by the industry. With the ability to recognize the human voice, they offer better verbal interactions. Also, chatbots are available at all times to solve human queries, unlike human agents. Therefore, these are some of the basic chatbot myths that should be debunked so that all kinds of industries could benefit from them.