With an intention to increase the efficiency of a machine, a servo motor is introduced and a plc servo motor control is used to make it work properly. Basically, a servo motor is included in a closed-loop system. This closed-loop also includes a control circuit, servo motor, shaft, amplifier, encoder for a resolver. The main motive of a servo motor is to rotate a few particular parts in a machine to acquire required positional feedback. A controller is a vital part of a servo motor. The controller helps to acquire positional feedback. The design of a servo motor is well planned. After the controller, the output shaft is the most important part of a servo motor. This output shaft is completely different from regular motors as it can be moved to any particular angle. Unlike the regular motor’s shaft, the shaft of the servo motor can be moved at the required velocity. The end design of servo motors specifically signifies the motto of acquiring positional feedback.

Classification Of Servo Motors

Based on the application servo motors are classified into three types.

Based on the current type the servo motors are classified into two types

  • AC servo motor
  • DC servo motor

The primary difference between the AC servo motor and DC servo motor is the ability to inherit the speed.

Based on the commutation and used servo motors are classified into two types.

  • Brushed servo motor
  • Brushless servo motor

Brushed servo motors are simple to operate and cost-effective whereas brushless servo motors are reliable and are less noisy.

Based on the motors rotating field the servo motors are classified into two types

  • Synchronous servo motor
  • Asynchronous servo motor

Synchronous servo motor rotates along with the status rotating speed. an asynchronous servo motor rotates at a speed that is lower than the status rotating speed.

Advantages Of A Servo Motor

  • A servo motor has a wide range of advantages here are a few of them,
  • The main motive of a servo motor is to increase the efficiency of a machine. hence it is clear that a servo motor increases efficiency.
  • Though the servo motors are small in size the output power is very high when compared to the size.
  • For a motor operational sound is the first feature that is checked by everyone. When it comes to the operational noise of a servo motor, it is very quiet.

DC servo motors are highly reliable in nature and can be used for acceleration speed too.