If you were injured in a car accident in Fort Wayne, or anywhere in Indiana, and believe that another party is at fault for your injuries, you may consider filing a personal injury claim. For the unversed, Indiana is an at-fault state, which means that the party at fault will be considered liable for the accident. In case both parties are involved and have some role in causing the accident, comparative fault is considered. In many cases, the insurance company of the party at-fault will pay the compensation, and as it is well-known, these insurers are anything but empathetic. So, why would need a car accident lawyer Fort Wayne? Here’s a quick look at the role of an attorney in car accident cases. 

Because knowing your claim, settlement’s worth is important

How much should you ask in settlement? There is no clear formula for determining the same. In fact, it is extremely hard to just say when a settlement is fair. However, with an experienced car accident lawyer, you can get away with the guesswork. They will consider all possible damages, losses, and injuries that you have suffered. For instance, some injuries may not be severe now but can have long-term impact on your health. Your lawyer will do their part of research and gather evidence to determine the true value of your claim and what you can realistically expect in compensation. 

Because dealing with insurance companies is not easy

It is never easy to deal with insurance companies. Insurance adjusters will do their best to reduce the financial liability, for which they may adhere to a wide range of tactics and techniques. They may delay your claim, deny it for flimsy reasons, or just say that they are making the best possible offer, even when the settlement amount is way less than what you deserve. You need a car accident lawyer, who can deal and negotiate with the insurance company easily, and more importantly, if needed, they may even take the matter to court when things don’t seem fair. 

Final word

Check online for a reliable car accident lawyer in Indiana, and make sure that you hire one with experience of trial and settlement outside of court. Ask questions, ensure that they are available for the case, and more importantly, they should work on a contingency basis, where they only get paid if they manage to win a settlement for you.