If you are looking for a city with easy and helpful laws and regulations, you might want to get your new business setup in Dubai. It has quickly become a well-liked destination for several freelancers and entrepreneurs and has shown new prospects as well.

The main advantage of launching your business in Dubai is the low overhead costs, which often becomes better when you do not rent office space. However, it might sound weird to start a business without office space. This is a rather unconventional way of starting your business with the primary objective of keeping low costs.

It is common knowledge that you will require a business license in Dubai to practice your business there. Nevertheless, it might surprise you that, unlike most other business start-up hubs, Dubai has no such rules against obtaining a license without an office space.

This is another reason why Dubai has become the ideal city to start your new business. The Department of Economic Development and free trade zones in UAE offer a virtual license package. This further makes the same possible.

The main objective of this license package is to allow new entrepreneurs a fair chance to test the market before they indulge in other expenses like buying an office space. Company setup packages mainly range from Flexi-desk Facility and Zero Visa Quota and go up to 6 Visa Quota with fully furnished offices.

Hence, it can be safely said that it is possible for you to get your new business setup in Dubai without an office space. This also makes it the ideal option for entrepreneurs who want to keep their initial expense and setup low.

What To Consider Before Running Your Business Without An Office?

Even though you get a lot of flexibility when running a business without office space, there are some important things you should factor in.

  • Reformulate Your Business Strategies:

As an entrepreneur, you must always try to revise your business strategies as per your business requirements. This includes fitting the availability of labour and flexible working hours in your plan. You should also pay attention to the current market conditions along with the daily business operations. This will not only help you grow your business faster but ensure that it has a secure future.

  • Find A Substitute Work Place:

An office space essentially provides a place for the entrepreneur to focus and attend to the daily requirements of their business. Without a workplace, it might become quite difficult for you to do the same. This is why you should look for an alternative place where you can pay attention to your work and achieve the desired results. Other necessary duties of the business can be conducted through online mediums or remotely.

With these factors in mind, you can easily set up a business that is not only productive but develops at a faster rate. If you need more help or assistance, you can always seek the help of professional services like Emirabiz.