Cafes are a haven for coffee lovers, students who need a place where they can spend hours studying, and freelancers who have deadlines to accomplish and submit. Given the growing popularity of cafes, running a successful one is not that easy. After all, not only should you offer unique coffee beverages that you can call yours, but you should take good care of your cafe equipment in Singapore. Otherwise, you will not generate any profit and will have to spend more on repairs and replacement. To guarantee none of those unfortunate events will happen, you better start learning how to maintain the excellent condition of your cafe equipment so you can use them for as long as possible. In that case, reading this article might help you figure out how to take good care of your cafe equipment in Singapore.

8 Ways To Take Good Care Of Cafe Equipment In Singapore

1. Educate Staff On How To Use Them

The first step to taking good care of your cafe equipment is to learn how to use them. Without knowing where the switch button is and how to operate, you or your staff might be the cause of why the machine will not work next time.
Guarantee that once you have received a UNOX oven in Singapore, you should read its manual and learn how to use it properly. But if reading is not your cup of tea, consider asking the supplier after they assemble the machine inside your cafe’s kitchen. You can expect that the supplier can show you step by step how to use it in person. Thus make sure to listen. Better yet, ask them if you can record what they are doing. With a recorded video, you replay how to operate it later.

2. Read The Manuals Carefully

The next time you have to read the manuals is when you have to clean the cafe equipment. Since you have not used them at home, it is only natural that you have no idea how to clean them. You should know that cafe equipment is like other machines. Manufacturers include some instructions on how you should. That way, it will not malfunction suddenly.

3. Regular Clean Each Equipment Inside Out

Running a cafe is like running a restaurant. You have to observe and maintain the cleanliness of your establishment so it can legally and safely operate. Given that the pastries and coffee beverages you offer are for consumption, you should guarantee they are safe to eat and drink. Safe means anyone who consumes anything on your food menu will not get sick like diarrhoea. The worst thing that can happen is food poisoning.
Nevertheless, if such unfortunate events happen, your cafe will have to close down temporarily until Singapore’s Food Safety Standards (SFA) says and you have passed their food hygiene inspection. Usually, inspectors from SFA will conduct food hygiene inspections every year. Getting a pass from them means you can safely operate, and the food and beverages you make are safe for consumption. Clean your cafe equipment in Singapore after use and before the day ends. Maintaining the cleanliness of your cafe guarantees the safety of your customers.

4. When Not Used, Store Them Properly

Even though you are not using some of your cafe equipment, you should store and keep them in the right place. Otherwise, you might not be able to use them next time. It is possible since improper storage can damage some parts of the machine, causing it to be inoperable. To know how to store the cafe equipment, read the manual. You can also ask the cafe equipment supplier for more details on how they keep their supplies safe.

5. Repair Broken Parts

No matter how sturdy cafe equipment like a combi oven is in Singapore, they are an exception to wear and tear. Remember that the more you use it, the more they become susceptible to depreciation. If you lead worn parts unrepaired, there is a high chance they will not work as efficiently next time. The worst thing that can happen is causing disturbance to your daily operation as the worn parts become broken.

6. Replace Old And Worn Parts

While there is nothing wrong with repairing broken parts, you can expect the repaired ones will not operate as efficiently as good ones. Given that they have been broken before, you can expect there will be more next time. To avoid spending too many funds on repairs, consider replacing the parts. Guarantee the components you will replace are genuine ones. You should also make sure that they fit perfectly into your cafe equipment.

7. Unplug From The Power Outlet When Not Used

You have to, so there will be no short circuit that is going to happen to your cafe equipment. You should know that short circuits can make any machine less efficient.

8. Schedule Professional Planned Maintenance
If you do not have much time to maintain your cafe equipment, let the professional do it for you. With their years of experience and expertise, you can guarantee that your cafe equipment will remain in good condition for a long time.

The Final Word

Even if maintaining your cafe equipment in Singapore is a lot of work, everything is worthwhile if you can keep using it for a long time. After all, if there are few to no expenses, making more profit will not be a problem. You no longer have to close your cafe for the day due to the sudden shutdown of your cafe equipment or when they need replacement. Contact Bakers & Chefs at +65 6749 0010 or leave a message on their website if you need to buy newer and the latest unit of cafe equipment. If you are a new owner of a bakery, you should also know that they are a bakery equipment supplier in Singapore. Visit Bakers & Chefs if you are interested in their cafe equipment!