We saw a lot of posts online that people started to pick up skills ever since COVID-19 came. You probably did think and considered that option, too. You would not let this pandemic hinder your plans and make your lifestyle as dull as ever. Of course, who would like that kind of scenario? No one. Exactly! No one wants to waste their time and do nothing aside from working from home. That is what exactly happened to everyone in 2020. As we were not allowed to go outside during the circuit breaker, we learned to adapt. We try new things we have never done before. One of which is playing an instrument, particularly a piano.  That is right! To convince you more, why don’t you try searching online about what is the most played instrument in 2020? See, the answer you will get is the same—a piano. However, no matter how good you are at playing the piano virtually, its tuning is a lot different when you touch those keys.  So, instead of downloading an app, get an actual piano. You would hear the tunes not only with your hears but also through your fingertips.

Isn’t that exciting? Even though it is, you are probably wary about this decision. That is very much for sure since buying one is not exactly cheap, even for a second-hand one. So, how much should you spend when you buy a piano? The answer depends on the factors that influence it. Here, listed below are the things that can help you decide and go through the purchasing process.

What Factors Influences the Prices of Piano?

  • Brand Name

Since you recently learned how to play the piano, you probably have no idea which one to get. Much more since you only grasped it virtually. As a result, it may be hard to choose among all the brands available. However, you have to take note that not all brand names are worth the price. Sometimes, you can get a similar product at a much more affordable price. So, don’t just buy because of its brand name, choose because it suits you.

  • Current Piano Market

You have to know this one since it affects the overall costs of the piano. You see, if a particular piano is getting a lot of attention, its demand increases and the supply decreases. When that happens, the brand name of that piano will take that opportunity to sell more. As a result, you would see its price rises

On the other hand, if no one is buying it at a steady pace, then expect the price would be lower than its actual price. Sometimes, to attract the customers, they would introduce a promotion, such as free maintenance of piano or warranty included for a specific period.

  • Size of the Piano

Of course, since a piano is not as small as other instruments. Besides to produce one, it requires a lot of materials and that alone determines its costs. So, if you have no plans becoming a grandmaster, using a smaller piano will do. Not only does it not take so much place at home, but it would also hurt your savings. However, if you have to make sure the tuning of that piano is working well. Otherwise, buying it would be such a waste.

  • Its Materials and Parts

The way the keys of a piano sounds depends on the material it has. Usually, for an acoustic one, it has both hard and soft kinds of wood. However, if you want to get a grand piano, expect it would need exotic woods like mahogany, ebony, and spruce.  These materials alone can be hard to find.  Thus, expect its price would be much more.

How Much Should You Spend When Buying a Piano?

The answer also depends on what you need at the moment. So, try to weigh your skills. Are you a beginner or an expert? Answering this question would help you figure out what kind of piano you would need and how much you need to spend when you buy one.

Questions You Should Ask Before Actually Buying One

  • What year was it made?

Even though you are buying from the supplier, it would be a good idea to ask this. It would help you determine its condition. You can confirm their answer by lifting the lead and searching for its serial number. The code you got would help you find out when and where they made the piano.

  • Did you store it in a stable environment?

Thetuning of the piano depends on where they are stored. As a buyer, you need to know about this to make your purchase worth it. Thus, if they told you they place it in an environment with a stable temperature, that is good! It means it would cause you any problems later on. However, if they say otherwise, and they store it outside, then that is a problem. That piano would require more maintenance than it should be, and that would cost you a lot of money.

Are You Ready to Buy a Piano for Yourself or Your Child?

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Did you find this helpful? Well, then, share it with your family and friends who are interested in buying a piano! Let them find out what they need to consider aside from the warranty of a piano.