It’s hard to host parties and enjoy celebrations without balloons. Be it birthdays, New Year, Valentine’s Day or Christmas, we often have balloons for this type of occasion to add more colours and joy. For me, I have seen no better way to send greetings to my loved ones without buying helium balloons in Singapore

Balloons For Every Occasions

Balloons are always my ideal tool for when surprising my friends and loved ones. From my girlfriend to my mother and boss, balloons have always been my kind of thing of choice when I try to send them a good will, congratulatory or greetings to them. Sometimes, having a bit of effort with decoration grants more impact with a personal touch. It’s the equivalent of sending them flowers.

With the recent birthday occasion we celebrated, the venue was quite large with a number of guests attending. As someone who loves making surprises with balloons, I looked for different balloon providers in the area online. I tend to switch with balloon providers to try out other ones. In search of a decent balloon decoration in Singapore, I came across Hello Joi. I couldn’t let the celebration of my brother go through without putting out some extra effort with balloons.

So far, Hello Joi was positive on my book with a few following pointers about what I like in their service:

Selection Size

There are plenty of selections when it comes to choosing balloons you want to incorporate into your plan. I find this a ‘plus’ point when availing balloons online, and it’s what I always looked for in a balloon company. You can find different sizes of balloons, from mini to large-sized ones. It’s easy to have choices when you have a decent amount of selections available. Since I also happened to look for decorations for dessert tables in Singapore, I have no trouble putting everything in a single basket.

There are also a few packages designed for specific occasions, such as for proposals and birthday parties. I don’t think I would run out of options for my choice anytime soon! 

Quality Service

I managed to reach out and contact Hello Joi. From what my experience can tell, I’m pleased with how they respond to my inquiries down to making purchase orders. Their staff were friendly and able to provide some interesting advice, which I find usable! Not to mention, they also respond quickly without having to wait for an hour or two to reach back to my message.

They also offer balloon hotel room decoration service in Singapore—which is nice since I also look for a one-stop shop for balloon decoration needs!

Starting Prices

Hello Joi’s prices aren’t the cheapest rate I encountered. However, their service and quality balloons make up and justify the prices. I would definitely say that their prices sit around what you would expect for a decent service. It’s in the middle if I could put it in a spectrum. Nevertheless, I don’t have any complaints about their pricing. 

Overall, I would recommend Hello Joi for quality balloon decoration needs!