Are your parents flying alone and you are a bit worried? Mentioned in this post are some key tips to make the trip comfortable and safe so that you can put all your worries away. Keep reading.

Seeing your senior parents travel alone comes with mixed feeling. While you feel happy seeing them manage everything on their own, there is also some nervousness regarding their safety and well-being. As a concerned child, we often lookout for ways to make the travel comfortable for our parents.

Let’s look at five essential tips that can make the journey not only comfortable but also safe and fun for your parents.

  • Pre-book a Seat

While booking the flight ticket, make sure you also pre-book the seat. While you can wait for the web check-in to open to book the seats, most good ones are already taken. Although pre-booking will mostly cost you some extra, the comfortable seats will be totally worth it. When booking the seat, consider the following factors;

  1. Accessibility to lavatories
  2. Ease of sitting down and getting up
  3. Legroom
  4. Ease entering and exiting the aircraft
  5. Accessibility to the cabin-crew
  • Book Assistance at Airports

Once you have booked your tickets, make sure you also book for assistance at both the departure and arrival airport. Most airlines offer this service free of charge for the seniors. However, you have to contact them at least 48-72 hours before the departure of your flight to get assured service. Once you have booked for the assistance, make sure you reach the departure terminal a bit early and visit the airline counter to avail the service. The assistance service will ensure your parents are escorted safely into the plane and out of the airport after landing.

  • Carry Prescription for Medicines

Not all but carrying some medicine requires you to carry a prescription from the doctor. The rules are even more stringent when flying to another country. Thus, check for the updated rules and carry a prescription from your doctor to ensure the medicines can safely pass the security gate without any issues.

  • Use your Miles for Added Privileges

If you have some miles in your kitty, this could possibly be the best way to put them to use. You can use miles to upgrade cabin to business class or even book a complimentary meal, and more. In fact, if you have enough points, you can book an entire ticket. If you are not yet part of a mile program, you can consider joining one. These programs let you earn points every time you fly or transact with the program’s partner outlet – be it dining out, ordering food, shopping online or even filling fuel.

  • Track Arrival and Departure of Flights in Real-Time

Flight delays are a routine part of travelling by air. However, for seniors waiting at the airport can be a taxing affair. Thus, make sure you check the departure or even arrival time of the flight (if you’re going to pick them up) using a real time flights tracker.

The on-ground staff and cabin-crew make sure flying is comfortable for every passenger. However, whether it is at the check-in counter or in the flight cabin, the authorities and staff are trained to take extra care of the seniors. Just take care of these points, and the journey for your senior parents should be comfortable, safe, and enjoyable too.