Andar Bahar is one of the most popular card games and it originated in Bengaluru in Karnataka. This game is also called Katti or Mangatha or Ullae Vellyae. The online version of this game is available at Oppabet. In the online portal Oppabet, you will get a unique table where the player and the dealer will sit on the opposite side to face each other. The online version of this game is played with one player and one dealer and the standard 52 card deck will be used. In this game, all the cards will have a regular value and among all the cards 2 will be the lowest and ace will be the highest. You can play this game at Malaysia online casino

In this game the dealer has to place a card face up and the player needs to bet on one of the two piles which are – Andar (means inside) and Bahar (means outside). After that the card will be dealt alternately to the two piles until and unless any card appears which matches with that of the initial one. The pile in which the matching card appears is called the winning pile. In this post, we have come up with all the details of this casino game and if you want to know about how to play Andar Bahar then you must go through it.

How to play and win online Andar Bahar?

In the online Andar Bahar, the dealer starts the game by shuffling the face-up card thoroughly and placing the cards in the middle of the table. The face-up card is also called a game card which determines how each round of the game is played and when its end.

After that, the players of the game need to place the bet and the main objective of the blackjack online game is to predict which side of the game is Andar and which is Bahar. Then the next card will be shown up with the same value. In case the first game card has a black suit then the dealing of the game will start on the Andar side but if the game card has a red suit then the dealing will start on the Bahar side.

For example, if the dealer deals with a 5 as a face card and the bettor bets his money that the next card that has a value of 5 will be dealt on the Bahar side. The dealer will then start dealing one card on the bahar side and one card on the andar side. Then when some of the cards are dealt, a 5 will be dealt on the bahar side. The player then wins and the round is over. But if the 5 dealt on the Andar side then the player will lose.


Thus, Andar Bahar is a very simple game and the rules of the game are also very simple and basic. You can play this game online in the same you play blackjack online. This type of the game is also completely random and as the odds are always 50-50 players have a fair chance of winning the game. The best thing about this online casino is that there is no need to build any specific hands and thus unlike other online card games you do not need to memorise any card combination. Hence, this game is very simple and easy to win.