If you have heard the name of Alejandro Mendieta and followed him, then you are not very unaware of his talent of giving us surprises. However, the last few years have not been great for him. From being embroiled in a messy legal battle for three years to being portrayed wrongly by the media, so much so as a playboy- times have definitely been hard on him. However, it is 2020 which changed the game for him.

2020- Year of Mixed Events

Name one bizarre incident and you will find that it has taken place in some part of the world in 2020. From wild forest fires to a global pandemic, Covid-19, this year has definitely given us a bag full of shocks and surprises.

While it may not have been a great year for many of us, but for Alejandro is has been one of the best years in his life. Not only did his business reach greater heights of success but also he finally emerged a winner from his three year long legal battle.

Pre-occupied Year

As the world went into a lockdown, several businesses suffered but not Alejandro’s. He got his brains working and predicted where money was going to move, and emerged successful. As online sales took off high, his retail business grew more and more and as the prices of bitcoin surged, his European crypto currency exchange record grew in volumes.

Big Win in the Legal Battle

Not only was 2020 a great year for Alejandro from the business point of view but also, he finally emerged victorious from the three year long painful legal battle that he had been embroiled in against the Victoria Police and Australian Tax Office. While all the details regarding the case have not been out for display to the public, but owing to the Freedom of Information, a number of documents were made available to public which provided enough evidences of corruption committed by the joint operation undertaken by the Victoria Police and Tax Office. This has definitely casted a big blow to the Australian government departments as people has started losing their trust over them.

The highest Court of Australia, the Canberra Court held that two government departments cannot come together and cooperate against an individual or entity, as has happened in the instant case. The rationale behind such a ruling is that it creates an unfair advantage, and the individual or entity suffers mercilessly from harassment and is denied the basic right of fair defence.

With the number of corruption scandals coming out in the open, there are evidences to prove that the Victoria police have been involved in all of them. The latest one being the “Lawyer X” scandal where the Victoria Police had used a Lawyer X who is actually a famous criminal barrister as an illegal informant to procure confidential information from the latter’ s clients.

Such events have obviously casted major doubts on the honesty and integrity of the men in uniform. While an anti-corruption police task did manage to dig out more information and provide help, but it wasn’t quite satisfactory. It is high time the Australian government takes some big steps before they lose out on the trust of its people.

The Road Ahead

In many of his recent interviews, Alejandro has expressed his dismay on the harassment that he faced at the hands of media trails, Victoria police and tax office. The saddening fact is that none of them have been held responsible for the trauma that they caused to Alejandro in the past three years.

When asked what plans did he have for future, Alejandro replied that he was planning to move overseas once the Australian borders are opened. He said that while Australia is a great country, but it isn’t the best and the greatest for the rich as the latter isn’t allowed to enjoy the benefits reaped from his own hard labour.


It is indeed a sad reality that none of the millionaires or billionaires want to live and settle in Australia and instead opt to go settle in other countries like Singapore where they are allowed to enjoy the benefits of their labour without too many questions.

Not a single billionaire or millionaire from another country has chosen to stay in Australia because of this Australian mentality that persists. It is time that such a mentality undergoes a change before we head towards a socialist society.