Some businesses use their company website as a business card in the sky for anyone who comes looking.  This is not an online approach that will grow the customer base, improve sales, and fuel growth.  For a website that is going to advance the business, the company website must be findable by those searching for the company offerings without knowing the company name as a prerequisite for searching.

Search engines have a high degree of confidence that what users are searching for will be found on or close to page 1; most people do not continue far beyond the first page of search results. Page 1 is the optimal location in search results.  With only one page 1 and only 10 positions on that page, how can a small business website rank high enough to appear there?  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that guides search engines to associate websites and specific keywords.  Combining excellent, regular content with offsite optimizations, SEO  companies can improve a site’s rank in search engine result pages.

Landau Consulting, a New Jersey SEO company, builds an online presence with attractive and compelling optimized websites and then executesa customized SEO online marketing strategy for eachcompany.

Would a carefully designed and optimized website with an SEO campaign perform better than one without?  It might cost more and take longer to launch and a carefully engineered SEO campaign may take months to boost rankings, in the long run, the potential for increased traffic (new visitors) and higher sales for a business is much greater when a site is optimized and promoted.

Landau Consulting offers this infographic to illustrate how a small business website will better perform in terms of lead generation and sales if current SEO online marketing techniques are used with it.  An SEO partner that provides consulting in internet marketing and SEO services can improve your business website’s ranking in search engine pages.

A Tale of Two Websites Infographic