Serving in the IAS is a pretty preferred career in India. Are you an aspirant searching for the best IAS academy in India? This is unquestionably one of the most familiar queries amongst aspirants. However, sticking up to any institute is not an easy choice to make. There are plenty of factors that would govern which institute would be best for you. This choice is supposedly subjective because there are optional subjects in the course of UPSC mains. 

Thus, the choice and quality of institutes highly depend on which subjects you are appearing. Since the aspirants have to devote multiple years to the course preparation, he has to be reasonably sure whether the coaching center he selects or the other inputs for the preparation is worth enough.

Nowadays, there is an escalating trend towards online classes for UPSC. This has grown more often after the pandemic situation. Since online coaching has started capturing the imagination of a significant percentage of IAS candidates, it has grown up to a debate regarding its effectiveness. Whether such coaching classes are suitable or not depends on quite a few circumstances. Each candidate should figure out for himself whether online classes would be beneficial for him or not. This article will discuss in detail the merits of the same.

Before you choose to sit for the next UPSC exam, the one thing you need to be sure of is the UPSC civil services exam 2022 syllabus. Once you are well-equipped with the recent upgrades of the inputs in the syllabus, you can be much more sure about the coaching center you pick.

The points below list some of the merits of online classes for UPSC:


The financial burden issued by offline classes is far more compared to the online ones. The aspirants also can save on accommodation, travel, and even relocation-related expenditure. Also, several courses are accessible online for free or at a nominal charge.

Quality learning modules

The increasing popularity of online coaching centers has led to intense competition among multiple institutes. As a result, IAS aspirants get to enjoy access to various quality courses and study materials from the best IAS academy in India at competitive rates.

Enjoy preparing at your pace

Several students need longer time to grasp concepts. This turns to be a disadvantage for them when they get signed up for physical classroom lectures. In online modules, they can view lectures at their own pace and thus understand the concepts by taking their own time.


In conventional classroom coaching, class timings turn out to be an issue for many. This becomes hard, especially for people who are working professionals simultaneously preparing for IAS. Such aspirants enjoy online coaching schedules as that allows flexibility in attending classes. Several coaching platforms provide access to recordings of their lectures along with providing live lectures. Those recordings can easily be saved for seeing later.

No requirement for shifting base

Online classes for UPSC allow the aspirant to not shift their base to Delhi or other UPSC preparation hubs. Such courses facilitate at-home preparation for those people who live in 2-tier cities or remote areas. Online preparation has also opened the doors to people from diverse social backgrounds to prepare for IAS. Thus, people for whom circumstances have worked negatively in the path for preparation can also enjoy access to teachers, study materials, test series, and much more with ease.


Online coaching, given its limitations, still works as a boon for multitudes of serious candidates preparing for IAS. Thus, if the best IAS academy in India of your choice is providing an option for online classes, too, your search should end there.