Sleeping is one of life’s greatest pleasures and also necessary. An adult, on average, requires at least 7 hours of sleep before they can go about their day. Anything less than quality sleep can interfere with someone’s waking life. If you have sleeping issues, there are multiple causes of why you cannot sleep. Forget your phone on your bedside table in Singapore or any inherent sleeping problems; you might have a mattress that makes it difficult to sleep.

Our bodies struggle to heal and replenish cells without proper sleep, and even the development of our brains gets stunted without normal sleep. Therefore, it is only fair that you ensure the best quality sleep you can get by buying a mattress that fits your needs. A mattress can do so much to affect your sleep. If you have a lumpy and uncomfortable mattress, you might find it much harder to fall into a deeper sleep. A comfortable bed can provide the ideal grounds for sleeping.

When To Know You Need To Replace An Old Mattress


The real question is when to replace your current mattress. Many people are reluctant to replace their old mattress when they feel it can still serve its purpose. Here are some common signs that your old mattress needs replacement.

1) You’ve outgrown your old mattress

While a super single mattress in Singapore may have been adequate for your child’s phases, there may come a time that they outgrow the size of the mattress they use. For example, they may be too tall to lie in a single bed now, whereas their child self was perfectly comfortable sleeping on a smaller mattress. You need a mattress size upgrade if they want to sleep comfortably in your bedroom.

2) It is more than 6 years old

The average mattress lifespan is around 8 years. When your mattress is around that age, it is time to consider the possibility of replacing it. An old mattress can lose its softness and shape the longer you use it. It can become lumpy, springs may get twisted and deformed, and once-soft parts may get lumpy or stiff. If your mattress is around 6-8 years old, definitely consider a replacement, and if it is older than 6 to 8 years, there is no question that you must change it.

3) It makes much more noise than usual

Many types of mattresses don’t make any sort of noise, even when they’re old. But if you have a mattress with springs, you may want to watch out for this warning sign. Mattress springs are usually quieter in newer mattresses, but on old spring mattresses, they can creak and squeak like crazy. Change your mattress if the noise keeps you awake at night.

4) You regularly wake up with muscle and joint pain

The best part about sleeping is that it is supposed to rejuvenate you and relieve your muscles after a long day of work. If you start waking up with joint stiffness or pain, that’s a big problem. Part of that problem may lie in your old king size mattress in Singapore.  Even with the most luxurious mattress in the world, you should not use it if you experience frequent discomfort on the bed. Discomfort means you bought the wrong mattress and you need to invest in a new one.

5) It does not fit your bed frame

A bed frame is a device that allows you to hold a mattress. The mattress is a vital part of the bed structure, but sometimes, people buy mattresses ill-fitted for their bedframes. Ill-fitting mattresses may result in some discomfort over the years until you buy a new mattress.

6) Your allergies and asthma have increased in intensity or frequency

Mattress fabrics can host all kinds of bedbugs, pet dander, dust, and more over the years. All the accumulated allergens can trigger your allergies and force a reaction. Even if you buy a single bed size in Singapore, change your mattress if it starts to affect your health. Do not wait until the 6-year mark to change it if your mattress looks unhygienic already.

7) You see noticeable damage and destruction on your bed

Does your bed look saggy or have holes ripped through them? Perhaps one part of your mattress is irreversibly stained. If that is the case, any homeowner may want to buy a new mattress to replace the damaged one. Sleeping on a damaged mattress is highly uncomfortable.

8) You find that you sleep better in other places

Your home is supposed to be a safe place where you can relax and sleep without any issues. If you find that you have better quality sleep at a hotel, guest bedroom or another similar place, there might be something wrong with your mattress. It is time to buy a mattress online in Singapore to replace mattresses that do not give you the same or greater level of comfort than other beds do.

Now that you know the various reasons why many people change their mattresses, take a good long look at your mattress to determine whether you need to change the mattress. You will be surprised to realise that you might need a mattress change sooner rather than later. Do not think of it as an expense, but rather as an extra investment that protects your health and quality of sleep. If your mattress is over 6 years old, feels lumpy, has damage, or serves as a breeding ground for allergens, you might want to consider your decision of forgoing mattress replacement.

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