Recent times are way too demanding for the business world. There is a constant need for update if you want to stay in the game. We are surrounded by technology that not make things  convenient, but also forces us to adapt to changes quite often.

Marketing is not as it used to be a few years back. Now, digital marketing has taken over the world of marketing and no business can survive without having a dip in this pond. We have shed light at some of the most critical digital marketing trends that you simply cannot ignore in the year 2021. So, without any further ado, let’s get down to them.

Try to Read Your Customers’ Minds

You might think we are crazy to say something like this – trust us we are not. We are talking about is Neuromarketing. It is the art of figuring out what kind of marketing can be appealing to your customers and can encourage them to get engaged with your business.

It includes creating your content such as ads, blogs, websites, and other promotional material in such a way that it triggers an emotional response in users’ minds, which will eventually compel them to approach your brand.

You might have to go a little far to achieve this as you would require some highly skilled professionals that are able to understand and judge such activities in people’s brains and provide you with a strategy accordingly.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications have become significantly popular over the past few years. Many digital stores seek assistance from push notifications in order to gain more customers. The conversion rate of push notification subscribers is almost double as compared to that of email marketing.

It does not take more than 5 minutes to create the perfect push notification strategy. Many different entities use them such as publishers, e-commerce stores, developers etc. So, if you want to stay ahead of the competition, it would be a wise idea to have such a strategy for yourself as well.

Give Them Something Personal

No one likes to view every single ad that comes across their eyes. Often people are irritated because of generic ads bombarding them. People only go for advertisements that are in line with their interests.

According to an Epsilon survey, 80% of customers would be more willing to go for a business that gives them a personalized experience. People would be more interested in your product this way. They might even be willing to share their personal details with you if you do so.

Also, customers appreciate it when you go the extra mile for them. This is what inculcates loyalty in them. 

Ask an Influencer

People listen to celebrities that they deeply admire. Since they spend day after day watching them achieve heights of success in things they might wish for themselves, they are more likely to adapt to things that are endorsed by them.

This phenomenon has given rise to a special form of marketing known as influencer marketing, which is reliable because people trust their role models. They believe that the things that their role models are trying must be beneficial for them as well.

More than 50% of customers rely more on the word of an influencer rather than the company itself. Every industry can turn to a number of influencers as per their requirements such as sports superstars, famous doctors, movie stars, and many more. You just have to find the right one to get the attention of your customers.

Once Upon a Time – Social Media Stories

Stories on our social media platforms are becoming increasingly popular. Every major social media giant is now turning to them to help boost their platform. It gives businesses the perfect opportunity to make use of customers’ fear of missing out on the latest things as all stories disappear after a short period of time. So, people rush to these stories to find out the details before they are gone for good. Also, it is a very economical way to market your brand as it does not require any extra investment on your part.

These stories can be quite beneficial for your business as well. They can help you market a limited-stock product, a timely sale, gathering public feedback and so much more.

Content is King

No matter how much time you spend marketing your brand online, if you want to get effective and more importantly long-lasting results, then you need to work on your content as well. Content marketing helps you rank in search engine results, help you attract online traffic, and also physically attract customers to your business as well.

Many people today rely on adblockers to stay away from random ads, and content marketing can be an excellent way to reach them without irritating them. Instead of just focusing on attracting a customer to your site, try to help them spend more time by providing informative and create appealing content that will be helpful to both parties.

Get Content from Your Users As Well

People today are addicted to sharing updates about their lives on every platform. This has created a good opportunity for businesses, who can leverage this habit and get their hands on user-generated content to promote their business.

Ask your customers to share their personal life moments with you and get a certain incentive in return. This way, you can tempt them to share their content in a more creative way. You can either give them a monetary incentive or you could share their stories on your business page and give them some popularity. 

For instance, if you are a cosmetics company, you can ask your customers to share their experience with your product and how it improved their lives. This will also help you get some valuable feedback from your customers. 

You Must Know the Inside Workings of Your Website

You cannot blindly keep on sending out content just hoping to attract customers towards you. You must be able to find out what content is attracting which customers towards you on which platform and when.

This requires you to resort to an analytics tool that observes the overall performance of your website. Tools such as Google Analytics, StatCounter, and Woopra can help you get this job done. They let you know about things like the bounce rate of your site, you conversion rate, which page of your website is most frequently visited, and where most of your customers come from.

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The Bottom Line

We have prepared quite an appealing guide that you can use to polish your digital marketing strategies. Now, it is your job to dive into them further and incorporate them into your marketing strategies in order to build a larger customer base.