Autumn is an incredibly beautiful time of the year. It’s filled with colour, texture, and fabulous autumn flavours. The season is a treat for your senses and the cold weather is a great excuse to get cosy at home and enjoy all of your favourite tastes, smells, and textures. But before you can really indulge in all of the pleasures of the season, there are a few things that you need to do to prepare your home. 

Get Baking

Baking is the perfect cold weather activity. It’s warming, fun, and a fantastic way to make your home smell gorgeous. Baking things like pumpkin pie, gingerbread and warming crumbles can be a wonderful way to enjoy autumn at home. If you need some supplies to prepare for autumn baking, take a look at this kitchenware shop in Hertfordshire.

Switch to Heavier Textiles

In summer, we often pack away our heavy winter duvets and blankets to replace them with lighter textiles to keep us cool. Bringing out your winter duvet, wool blankets, and throws and switching to heavier curtains can help you to stay warm while creating a cosier atmosphere. 

Add Soft Furnishings

In autumn and winter, you can’t have enough blankets and throws. Adding these to the backs of chairs, and adding more cushions, thick rugs, and other heavy textures will help you to stay comfy and warm throughout the season. 

Deep Clean and Declutter

We often spring clean to create more space, improve the air quality, and lighten the atmosphere in the warmer months. But freshening up can also be a good idea in autumn. Decluttering will also give you more space to add some autumn décor, and to prepare for any festive decorations that you’d like to add over the next few months. 

Invest in Soft Lighting

Softer lighting is warming, and relaxing, and will help you to feel cosy at home this season. Candles and soft lamps mean that you can avoid using harsh overhead lighting. If your rooms are large, it can be hard to make them feel cosy, and softer lighting can be incredibly effective.

Include Autumnal Colours

Autumnal colours that we see out in nature at this time of the year, like burnt orange, dark red, reddish brown and mustard yellow can be used in your décor to create a more autumnal and cosier atmosphere. Add these colours to accessories like cushions, vases, and frames, and with fresh flowers and houseplants for the best results. 

If you prefer, deep, rich colours, then navy, plum and forest green can also look great at this time of the year. 

Create a Mudroom or Space

The last thing that you want is to be walking mud through your warming and cosy home. But unfortunately, dirt and mud are a side effect of the cold weather. If you’ve got space, a mud room near the front door gives you somewhere to store muddy shoes, wet clothes, and umbrellas, helping you to keep the rest of the house clean. If you don’t have the space for a full room, make sure you’ve got mats and hooks near the door to minimise mess. 

Autumn is a great time of the year and being able to fully enjoy getting cosy at home is a great feeling.