You must choose a reputable aircon repair firm in Singapore to be accountable for fixing your air conditioner if it fails to perform. Most lack the essential licences, or their staff lack the necessary certificates. 

When selecting an air conditioning contractor, it is critical to choose the appropriate individual. They will be in charge of performing routine maintenance and any other sort of repair that may be necessary. Here are some crucial considerations when you choose an aircon repair service

#1 Licence & Certificates

You must verify that the aircon repair company in Singapore you plan to engage with has the necessary qualifications and licences. You may also inquire with a corporate representative if the certifications and licences are unavailable on their website.

#2 Recommendations & Affiliations

You may learn about the aircon service company’s reputation by reading customer reviews on their website lobby, Google, social media pages, and Yelp. Do not forget to read the hidden comments as well.

#3 Insurance

Workers’ compensation is the most crucial insurance coverage that most aircon repair firms in Singapore should have. The installation and maintenance of air conditioners is a dangerous undertaking. Never be afraid to request proof of insurance coverage, and always check with the insurance carrier to confirm the policy is still valid.

#4 Professionalism

Do they answer their phone directly and in-house? Do they usually route your calls through a phone tree? Consider how the firm communicates with potential customers. Ask if they give pricing quotations for services like aircon chemical overhaul. It is also imperative to observe how pleasant they are while addressing questions. Determine if they respond to communications quickly and professionally. How the aircon service contractor communicates will be a good predictor of how they conduct the job.

#5 Company Policies & Guarantees

Anyone would want to work with a trustworthy aircon troubleshooting service in Singapore that prioritises client happiness. Always inquire about their policies to see whether or not they provide exemplary service. Check to see whether they have a money-back guarantee. Determine their policies and warranties if your air conditioner fails. Find out how long the company has been in business. Moreover, always request references from consumers who once cooperated with the firm. Inquire about how and whether they remedy a specific issue.

#6 Accessibility

Aircon repair services firms in Singapore must coincide with your timetables. You might feel aggravated when your air conditioner goes down in 100-degree weather then the contractor is not quickly accessible to repair it. It is generally best to choose contractors who provide 24-hour emergency services at reasonable prices.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Aircon Efficient Between Maintenance Appointments

It is not only an issue of comfort when it comes to keeping your air conditioner functioning effectively. It might end up becoming a health and safety issue. Inside temperatures might approach deadly levels with the outdoor temperature so high. Air conditioning also aids with humidity management to prevent mould and mildew growth. So, here are five AC maintenance techniques to maintain your unit in good working order before the next maintenance appointment with the aircon service provider.

#1 Tending to the Air Filters

The air filters in your air conditioner absorb dust, pet hair, and other impurities. Filters become filthy or clogged over time. A contaminated air filter may frequently produce ice on your air conditioning machine, causing it to work harder than required. You do not need a team of aircon troubleshooting experts from firms in Singapore to change your filters once a month. 

#2 Clear the Fauna

Most AC systems today have exterior units that hold the condenser. Hence, outside elements like the weather and fauna can be exposed. Your air conditioner needs free moving air to perform efficiently. Bushes, flowers, grass, and weeds that grow around the unit restrict ventilation. Remove any plant life and the aircon unit to guarantee a more energy-efficient device for your home. An aircon repair service can cost you more money.

#3 Inspect the Drain Line

Draining excess moisture from the condenser is crucial in maintaining its operative health. Algae development has the potential to choke this drain pipe. You do preventative maintenance by flushing the line with a tiny amount of bleach, especially after an aircon chemical overhaul. A simple wet/dry vacuum cleaner should be able to remove the impediment if algae or mould has clogged the pipe.

#4 Programmable Thermostats

Many individuals keep their air conditioning running all day. They often neglect to adjust the thermostat on their way out the door. It is a habit that can reduce the aircon unit life and costs more money. The reduction in its health can also require you to call on an aircon service provider regularly. A programmable thermostat allows you to set various temperatures at different periods daily. You save money while extending the unit’s useful life.

#5 Regular Profession

AC Maintenance

A lot of things your eyes cannot see may go wrong with the air conditioning equipment. A competent technician from reputable aircon repair services in Singapore can help check the following items:

  • AC electrical component
  • Mechanical elements
  • Amount of remaining coolant
  • Duct reliability

Having a professional from a reputable aircon maintenance and repair firm in Singapore come in once or twice a year guarantees that your air conditioner is efficiently working for as long as possible. According to air conditioning specialists, hire professionals to perform a full service on your aircon unit at least yearly. The optimal time of year to service your air conditioner is before the seasons’ change. If you have an aircon unit solely for cooling, spring is the ideal time to maintain it to ready it for the summer.

Approach a Competent Aircon Services Provider

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