Setting up your website can be consuming. Even when professionals like Webolutions web design Denver handles the website development for you, there are still things to consider. Many people don’t think deeply about their website designs and, consequently, end up with designs that potentially jeopardize their businesses. You need to take note of some significant website design disasters when creating your website. Below are five of them and how to effectively avoid them.

Requesting a Sign-Up Before Accessing Your Site

Many people do this to build up an email list, which is one effective way to achieve that. However, it could discourage many visitors on your website who have no idea what to expect after registering. Most people aren’t interested in signing up till they’re familiar with your services and find such requests off-putting. This request could make them wary of your website and business as a whole. If you want them to sign up, make it a call to action. Give them a choice, and they would be more willing than if they felt forced into it.

Get Rid of the Background Music

It can be very annoying when you open a website and music starts to automatically blast out of your speakers. Most people are quick to close such websites as soon as they open them because they find it frustrating. Before you include music on your website, first consider how much value it adds to your content. If you want to add music to your website, use professional designers like Webolutions web design Denver. They can help add controls to the screen that allows users to mute or turn the music down if they don’t want it.

Terrible Navigation

One way to effectively lose visitors on your website is with terrible navigation. People want to be able to access content quickly when they come to your website. If they find it complicated, they will turn elsewhere where they believe it would be easier to find their search. To ensure this doesn’t become a problem for you, use professional web designers like Webolutions web design Denver.

Not-So-Helpful Search Bars

When people visit your site, bear in mind that they have high expectations for your search bar. They hope that simply typing in a keyword or the name of a specific product would produce results. If this doesn’t happen, they might simply leave your site out of frustration. Don’t let a poorly designed sear bar make you lose visitors. Ensure you structure searches to provide relevant results related to the keyword provided. This is easily taken care of by professional web designers like Webolution web design Denver.

Mobile Unfriendly Websites

When designing their websites, many people forget that people use smartphones most of the time. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you might find yourself losing visitors on your site. Many times, the mobile audience makes up a larger part of your customer base. Your business is potentially at risk without them, so you have to prevent such a huge loss. Ensure the website designer optimizes your website to be mobile and tablet-friendly. You could redesign your website if this is already an issue to keep up with the latest trends.