Showing your love and care is the purest form of human interaction. It’s selfless, and all you want to do is to make a person feel valued. There are many ways to show your love to a person. You can spend time together, offer encouraging words, or even give flower bouquets in Singapore. While you’re still with your loved ones, don’t forget to show appreciation to them right now! You are never too sure what the future holds, and a day will come when people close to your heart will say their final goodbyes.

For this reason, if you find time to give them flowers, you should do so! Don’t procrastinate, and cherish the moment you have now. Here are the best times to provide flowers to become a better son, daughter, friend, sibling, or even stranger.

Why Should You Give Flowers

After reading the introduction, you might give your parents to give them. However, it should be meaningful and genuine. So, here is why giving flowers is a way to show your love.

  • To Say “I Love You” – Some people are not comfortable with being vocal about their feelings. They prefer to show their love through actions, one of which can be giving flowers. Now, if you feel shy saying I love to your parents, you can provide them lilies bouquet from Singapore and make them feel valued.
  • To Show Your Appreciation –Sometimes, thank you may not be enough. So, it would be best to show your appreciation differently, like giving flower bouquets in Singapore. In this simple action, you can make the person feel appreciated.
  • To Cheer Someone Up – Life happens, and you might see a friend or family member feeling down due to failure. Perhaps, someone failed an exam or job interview. To cheer them up, you can give them a sunflower bouquet in Singapore to remind them that life goes on and there’s always a second chance.
  • To Say “I’m Sorry” – It feels awkward to talk with a person you argued with. You can give them flowers or deliver them right at their doorstep to break the ice. You can leave a letter saying you’re sorry along with the bouquet.


  • To Say You Admire Someone – Do you lack enough courage to say that you have a crush on someone or don’t know how to make the first move? Well, the best solution is to give someone flower bouquets in Singapore. This way, you can make an impression and say what you have wanted to say for a long time.

There are more reasons you can give someone a flower. So, continue reading the article to learn about the holidays or events where giving a bouquet is an admirable act.


Holidays and Occasions on Which to Give a Flower Bouquet

If you’re thinking of the best time to give flowers, here are some occasions or holidays where offering a flower bouquet is an accepted tradition. Make it a habit to buy a flower in Singapore during these special events and make someone feel special and loved.

1) Birthday Parties

Birthdays are a life celebration. It’s a way to remind oneself that you have survived another year in your life and celebrate your achievements. As you move forward in your life, celebrating your birthday will also remind you that you can achieve more things in the years to come. So, if you have a friend nearing a birthday, plan to look for flower bouquets in Singapore and surprise the celebrant on a particular day.

And yes, you can give both men and women flowers, so don’t hesitate to give a male friend a simple flower. After all, who doesn’t want to feel special and valued? Everyone has a feeling, and providing a person flowers during birthdays will lighten up their mood.

2) Father’s or Mother’s Day

You’ve seen how parents sacrificed so much for their children. They give up on their wants and needs to provide a good life for their kids. And when the time comes, you’ll be able to pay back your parents. So, it’s better to take advantage of father’s and mother’s day to make them feel special. You can give them flower bouquets from Singapore as a symbol of your appreciation. It doesn’t have to be an expensive flower because what matters the most is your thought about giving them. This way, they won’t feel neglected and still show your love despite old age.

3) Graduation Ceremonies

Graduating from university or college is not an easy journey. A student will encounter exam failure, thesis revision, and school-related problems. Therefore, being qualified for the graduation ceremony is an achievement everyone should celebrate! If you have a friend or family member graduating this year, look for a sunflower bouquet in Singapore to symbolise hope for the future. After graduation, they can find a job and pursue what they want for themselves. Graduation ceremonies can also mean a master’s degree, middle school graduation and short courses. All of these deserve to have a celebration.

4) New Year and Christmas

A year is ending, and another year is starting. It deserves to be celebrated with flowers. After all, you have achieved many things within a year, and it’s not easy to move forward, especially if you encounter problems. Due to your courage, you deserve to give flowers yourself. Yes, you can also provide yourself with flower bouquets and make yourself feel special at the end of the year. It will also motivate you to keep doing a good job before the year starts.

5) Teacher’s Day

Teachers also deserve appreciation from their students. So, during teacher’s day, you can show gratitude to your teachers by giving them lilies bouquets. Tell them you appreciate their help and trust in making you a better person. You can also visit your previous teachers to provide flowers. Nonetheless, this simple flower-giving tradition can make someone’s day more pleasant.

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