It’s hard to imagine the aftermath of a car crash. However, if you end up in one, you need to take the right steps immediately. Car accidents and collisions are frequently reported in Idaho, but victims often don’t get compensated for their losses. Idaho is a fault state. The driver who caused the accident is liable to pay compensation to the victims. Before filing a third-party claim with the at-fault party’s insurer, consider talking to an Idaho car accident attorney. Here are some of the common mistakes that you need to avoid. 

  • Not getting treatment on time. The immediate impact of a car accident may not seem severe, but injuries may show up weeks later. If you have evident symptoms, do not ignore the same. Unless you have medical records of your injuries and treatments, you cannot expect the insurance claim to cover everything. If there was no medical help at the accident site, check with an injury doctor soon after. 
  • Not getting the police involved. The other driver may suggest that you don’t need to call the local law enforcement because the damage is insignificant. However, don’t step back from getting the police involved, even if you are at fault. When someone is injured, don’t hesitate to call 911. 
  • Not reporting the crash. The laws in Idaho require you to report an accident or crash if there is injury, death, or considerable property damage involved. If a police officer didn’t arrive at the scene, you need to file a report at the earliest. Don’t be tempted to flee the scene or ignore the accident. 
  • Not recording the scene. You need to take ample pictures and videos of the accident scene. The evidence will come in handy when you have to prove the details of your claim. Also, if you can collect some physical evidence, consider doing that. If there were witnesses to the scene, get their contact data. 
  • Not meeting an attorney. Hiring an attorney following an accident is your call. The good part is injury lawyers won’t charge a thing to evaluate the worth of your claim. The first meeting is usually free of charge, and if the lawyer agrees to work on the case, they will ask for a contingency fee, which is typically a part of the settlement. You should, however, discuss every aspect of the case before deciding on an attorney. 

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