It is hard choosing the right air purifier in Singapore when you are not familiar with how they work. There are also many products to choose from, and you cannot decide. Don’t worry. All you need to do is read this list, evaluate your needs, and narrow down your choices before making a purchase. Let this article help your purchasing problems.


This type of HEPA air purifier in Singapore is best for large rooms or buildings. You also do not see these appliances because they are usually inside the ceiling or wall. If you own an apartment building or an office space that requires large-scale purifying, purchase this appliance. Just make sure the power matches the job and talk to the sales personnel about the specifications.


Most people use wearable or mini air purifiers in Singapore because of the coronavirus pandemic. While Scientific research may be in development at this point, there is no reason to dismiss their power in protecting you. Of course, you still need to practise safety measures like wearing a mask and applying alcohol. (Tip: Choose something small and light that you can wear around your neck.)


A portable air purifier is a little bigger than a wearable device, but you can still carry it around places. Most people who buy these use them inside a car or in their small spaces. Assess your need first before buying one because you might need something bigger or smaller. Make sure you know where and how you will use it before finalising your purchase.


It is the best air purifier in Singapore for clients who want to regulate the air inside their homes. Select a size that works best with your interior. Consider factors like space, location of the power outlet, and power capacity.

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