Chemistry is one trick pony subject. Many learners, especially young students, may find it challenging. There are numerous hard concepts and complex theories to analyse. Synthesising these difficult-to-grasp notions can hinder their motivation to learn. Hence many parents are convinced to help their children by hiring a chemistry tutor in Singapore.

While others may get past these barriers, many students still don’t. Their grades seem to be reflecting their struggle. Opting for a tuition centre or engaging with a tutor can bring plenty of benefits to reignite and inspire them to do better. Getting high grades with a tutor is possible, here’s how:

Organise a timetable

From your child’s schedule with their chemistry online tutor to working with their homework and other school projects, having a timetable is vital. Hence you should help your child create and arrange their timetable. Most of the time, it’s the problem with their schedule, which takes their time and strays them from doing their priorities first. It also robs them of the time and opportunity to have time to review more.

Take time to watch videos

Many students may find it difficult to understand texts or comprehend formulas. Many of these ideas in chemistry require demonstration via visuals in order to help retain information and be acquainted with it. Students can find numerous learning resources and materials available online, which can help students to learn and review the tutor’s materials after a session. Even if your child is taking A-level exams, watching videos will help retain information in the long run.

Ask questions from the tutor

If you decide to help your child by opting for A level chemistry tuition in Singapore, asking questions can be one way to help them clear any confusion. When taking lessons in a class or one-on-one, asking questions can help fuel their curiosity and help them overcome their fear or anxiety. Understanding that asking questions is the first step to learning—it is a sign of admittance about things you are not sure about rather than keeping them out of coyness.

Work on proper study habits 

Study habits matter, even if your child is taking an online A level chemistry tutor. If you want your child to have higher grades, it is evident to help them get consistent study habits. Are they getting enough time and setting during their study and tutoring session? 

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