Coats and jackets are the most crucial items in our wardrobes, but we often overlook them, or we will cling to the same couple of choices for years. By adding some extra coat choices to your regular wardrobe, you can completely change your overall look, and bring a little added style to your day. Here are four simple rules for choosing the perfect coat.

Set a Budget

The budget you have available is going to be one of the biggest influences on your choice of coats. You can get your heart set on a beautiful coat, but if it is out of your price range, you are out of luck. Try to set your budget early and look for places where you can get a good value deal to maximise your money. You can find some amazing coats at at great value prices. Shopping at sites like this can get you a lot more for your money, giving you a better chance of finding a great-looking coat within your budget.

Find Your Fit

The different styles of coats and fits on the shoulders and around the waist will also impact your choices. If you want your coat to suit you, you will have to pay close attention to this area. There is little sense in getting your heart set on a coat or jacket if it will not flatter your body or look good on you. Take a close look at your existing coats and see what you like about their fit, and what styles suit your body better. Will a pinched waist or long, flowing tail suit your style, or should you look for something short and waist length with a bit of spare space for comfort?

Choosing a Colour

For most styles of coat, your colour choices will be limited. If you are looking for a leather coat, you will only find a few different shades available. Woollen, winter coats should be a choice everyone has on the hall stand, but they too will only have a few colour options. If you are looking for more colour you will have to choose a non-traditional coat style in most cases. Patterns and bright colours will often be on light, waterproof coats like macks or in more expensive, designer coat ranges.

Making a Fabric Choice

Choosing a fabric for your coat can be a tough part of the process. Leather, wool, corduroy, denim, the list is endless. Try to consider your existing wardrobe when thinking of a suitable material for a new coat or jacket. Your choice needs to suit your existing outfits. Leather jackets have a reputation for going with anything, but this is not always the case. If you are looking for a jacket that works with just about any outfit, choose a black coat that is wool or wool-style polyester or cotton. These will function well as a jacket, keeping you warm and dry in the winter, and black goes with everything.

Stick to these basic rules and you should be able to find the perfect coat, or a range of coats, to suit your style and your budget. Try to always have at least three jacket options to suit every occasion and every season.