First aid kits are essential in your home and have a legal requirement to be in your office or workplace in the UK to ensure their employees can have medical access on hand should they need it.

Aside from the legal requirement, you might be wondering what some of the reasons are to keep a first aid kit. Surely, you will just need a drawer with some plasters in it?

Let’s look at why you should be fully stocked.

1) Treat Injuries Quickly

When someone is injured, the faster you treat them, the faster you can avoid deterioration. This can be anything from a serious wound to a little graze. The truth is, when the skin is broken in any capacity, there is a very real risk for infection, which can cause catastrophic consequences. This is why you need to be able to treat any injury fast.

Disinfectant is an extremely vital part of a first aid kit that should not be missed when it comes to open wounds.

2) Have Everything You Need in One Place

The last thing you want is to be rummaging around in one area for bandages, somewhere else for medical alcohol wipes, asking someone if they have plasters in their bag, or trying to find a mouth shield to perform CPR, to name a few. This all just wastes precious time, which could be detrimental to the person who needs aid.

Having everything you need in one place eliminates these issues so you can focus on the task at hand and provide first aid safely and efficiently. If you order some custom first aid cabinets, you can be assured that you have everything you need to a professionally safe grade to perform any first aid you might need.

3) Fewer Risks of Complications

The faster you can administer first aid, the better chance you have of helping the casualty avoid complications from their injury. This could be anything from avoiding infection to giving lifesaving CPR. Instead of waiting for emergency services to turn up or having to make their way to ER with an untreated injury, having a first aid kit could help the worst of it and keep the wound safe until further medical treatment is available.

4) Be a Helping Hand to Those Who Need One

Not everyone will have a first aid kit with them, especially if they are out somewhere like the park, children playing in the street, or someone on a cycle route past your house and have not come prepared. However, if you are, you can help those who need it. Your help could be the difference between someone getting an infection or suffering from extensive blood loss.

There are many reasons why having a first aid kit on hand, at home, or in the office is essential, so make sure to be stocked up on the essentials, and prepared for when it might be needed.