If you’re using document management system software, you’ll instantly recognise the importance of organising your files within. While the system is robust and efficient enough to tailor your needs for document and file management, creating an organised system is still crucial for accessing files.

Things can be messy ahead should you invite more than one/multiple users to collaborate with file sharing and creation, regardless if you have a virtual sign or backup. Without further ado, here are a few tips for organising your document files for the management process:

1.  Declutter files periodically via the archived folder

You can declutter old business files by having an archived folder to relocate and move old business files that you might need in the future. Ensure that the archived folder is sorted out based on their date and subject, so you can go back to them and retrieve information if needed.

2.  Have a specific description for each file

It’s true that you need to be extra specific and descriptive with the document files that you have. Have the ones with digital identity sorted out or include the dates and names, including the author, in the structure. It is most handy, especially if you are engaging in file-sharing or when another user is accessing file entry. You can also add details on the file’s title to recognise the file instantly.

3.  Incorporate subfolders

Folders are your friends, and it’s something you shouldn’t shy away from! Adding another folder as a subfolder can make it easier to organise files of a specific document. For example: Finance Accounting > 2020, 2021 > Invoices > A-H, I,P>File_Name. Let the employees know the details and instructions needed. Ensure that there are rules too to avoid unwanted deletion or access.

4.  Backup regularly

Not all file document management will let you prompt for backup. Some will have to work for a manual backup, while others will set an automatic method. Nonetheless, backing up your files regularly via external or cloud is critical should there be any file disaster.

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