Spring break is such a wonderful time of year to get away. The cold winter months are finally coming to an end and you, and your family are probably ready to take a pause on the daily grind. You can visit some awesome places and avoid the crowds that might be present at some destinations during the busier summer vacation months. There are lots of great options, but the following three are simple, easy, and very affordable.

1. Head to the Coast

It’s common to want to see the ocean once the weather starts to turn nice. There’s nothing like a beach vacation to invigorate your senses. You can save money and also make it more relaxing by avoiding pricey hotels for your spring break by opting instead for renting beach houses in North Carolina or whatever coastline happens to be nearest to you. Staying in a home with a bunch of friends or family can make even the most luxurious rental extremely affordable. Having your own kitchen also cuts down on costs by cooking all your meals instead of eating out all week.

2. Take a Hike

Another amazing way to spend your spring break is to retreat to the mountains or a national park for some much-needed outdoor therapy. Hiking and camping in the great outdoors is such a wonderful way to refresh your mind and senses. Exercise is so good for the soul and there’s nothing like taking in some breathtaking views while hiking. This is a great option for those that really need to escape from all the noise and distraction of daily life.

3. Become a Local Tourist

This last idea isn’t always at the top of everyone’s list, but most people are very surprised at how much they enjoy it. If you can’t manage to travel out of town for your spring break, consider becoming a local tourist for a change. Visiting all the hot spots of where you live can give you a new perspective on the city you live in. There are probably lots of hidden gems in your town that you haven’t even discovered yet. Look through the different suggestions your local visitor center highlights and find places and sites you have never seen before. 

These ideas are sure to create a very memorable spring break for you and your family. Have fun planning your next escape and use these options to have an exciting vacation.