The COVID-19 global pandemic has created a skyrocketing demand for safety equipment in Singapore and worldwide. Following the declaration of the coronavirus disease as a global pandemic is a shortage of face masks, the most basic personal protective equipment or PPE.

Thankfully, the world has now passed this obstacle. Surgical masks, including the N95 mask in Singapore, are now always available and accessible to the public. Although they are accessible and available, it does not mean that you will choose just any.

Here are the factors to consider when choosing personal protective equipment in Singapore:


The world has experienced the highest threat level of the COVID-19 virus during its first year. The world also experienced the second wave and the appearance of different variants of the virus, which are as dangerous as the first one.

Two years have passed, and the threat level in many countries has decreased. Some nations even lowered the wearing of face mask policy to optional. One must evaluate the threat level and risk when buying PPEs. 

For instance, if your medical institution still caters to chronically infectious patients, you must buy full PPE gear from a safety equipment supplier in Singapore for your medical staff. If the risk and threat are lower, then a surgical mask will suffice.


PPE is not only used in hospitals. For instance, firefighters use safety equipment in Singapore to protect them from fire, smoke, and fumes.

When choosing PPE, consider its type of protection. To illustrate, people dealing with hazardous chemicals cannot use the PPE firefighters wear. The protection it provides does not suit the chemically hazardous environment. Instead, they need HAZMAT PPE for complete protection.

The level of protection determines the level of exposure the person wearing PPE gets against their environment. By way of illustration, during an ash fall due to a volcanic eruption, a surgical face mask provides a lower level of protection than an N95 mask in Singapore. It means fine ashes are less likely to penetrate the N95 mask than the surgical mask because the former has a higher level of protection.


Many health workers worked almost 24 hours a day during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It also means they are wearing their safety equipment for long periods of time.

Most PPE suppliers inform their clients on how long PPE must be worn. How long can the PPE withstand specific environments?

Dexterity applies to gloves and gauntlets used by medical staff, firefighters, and other HAZMAT suit wearers. The bulky the gauntlets and gloves are, the less dextrous the wearer is.

These are the top three factors people must consider when choosing personal protective equipment in Singapore. Make sure to weigh in on these considerations and consult an expert before buying safety equipment and PPE.

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