Among the most famous of French wines, Bordeaux wine remains the most appreciated, sold, recognized and praised. In its most popular form, it is a wine for every budget, but a few specialty labels have turned it into a luxury item. Let’s take a look at the 10 most prestigious and tasty Bordeaux luxury wines.

Clos Fourtet

Like some great wines from Bordeaux are exceptional and it is the case of Clos Fourtet. With its 300 years of history, this wine is an excellent Grand Cru and perfectly represents the centuries-old experience of winegrowers in the Saint-Emilion region. A very dense texture and persistent floral scents are the main characteristics of this authentic nectar.

Château Phelan Segur

This outstanding Bordeaux wine is smooth, dense, hyper consistent, with an extremely long-lasting flavor bouquet, perfect if you are looking for a wine that tastes like a distilled spirit. It is best tasted at the end of a meal.

Château Lanessan

Château Lanessan is a wine that has nothing to envy its more expensive counterparts, with its lively and shimmering taste. According to their vintage character, the best wines of Château Lanessan should reach their maximum maturity between 7 and 20 years of age.

Château Meyney

This Bordeaux wine is a real rarity for its production is a niche activity. Indeed, the winegrowers of Château Meyney concentrate all their efforts on quality, through a strict selection of the best grapes and an extremely meticulous specification of the product.

Château Lynch-Moussas

This is another historic label, which has been producing a very special wine since the beginning of the 18th century. Spicy and structured on the palate, it may not be for everyone, but true wine lovers appreciate it.

Château La Lagune

This red wine is undoubtedly the best of the fourteen Third Growths recognized by the Official Classification of Bordeaux Wines of 1855.

Château Peyrabon

Delicate and soft, this is the perfect wine for those unfamiliar with the complex texture of the best Bordeaux.

Château Brun

This wine is a glorious Grand Cru from the Saint-Émilion region. It reincarnates the noble art of winemaking in its purest form.

Château Senejac

Here’s another hyper-iconic wine whose complexity reflects the care and commitment of its producers. Nose and palate will be hit by a horde of aromas and flavors.

Cos d’Estournel

The Pagodes de Cos is perhaps one of the best 2022 red wines of the Bordeaux dynasty. Soft, fresh and persistent, this wine has been a must for generations of beginners to enter the world of oenology